Happy Thoughts:


Uh-mazing Evening

Just took a lovely walk down to the beach with the hubby, it was the first time we actually got to go together so it was nice. The weather was absolutely amazing today! Took some great pictures too. I am so grateful to live right by the beach, it's uh-mazing! Another great start to what will be a fabulous weekend! Going to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow and then going to have a lovely dinner with Lolo (That's the hubby's nickname) to celebrate five wonderful months together! iLy x sideways 8 baby! hehe

Spreading the Love

So I just joined this really awesome giveaway over at Goodnight Moon I really love her blog, it's one I  read like every day! The rules of the giveaway are posted on her blog but basically you have to follow both her blogs, answer a question, and blog about it, and you get an entry for each. Woohoo!

So go check it out & tell her I sent you and I'm spreading the love!

So to answer the question, which was: If you could do any one thing, and get away with it what would it be?

I decided I would kidnap my husband and run away with him to some place where there were no more deployments, or work ups, or any of that yucky stuff to take him away from me. As much as I love this life of ours I think I would much rather just have him home, he's gone way to much for my liking!I mean how could i not want this crazy, nerdy, silly man around like all the time just look at him...

MilSpouse Blog Hop

I'm so happy someone started one of these! I love reading other Military Wife Blogs!You can join in the fun by going here Riding the Roller Coaster

So here is a little about myself:

My name is Betty Marie, I have been married to my sailor exactly five months today!!! He is my world! He joined the Navy in August of 2008 and we met July 30, 2009. We got married exactly four months after we met on November 30, 2009. We are stationed in Virginia Beach, VA right now, and he has about two years left. We are both from Texas and lived in the same town for years without ever meeting. When he came home on leave after finishing A School we met through a mutual friend. Our relationship moved very fast, but it's been an amazing ride so far!

It's easy to join in on the fun:

* Post a brief bio on your blog introducing yourself.

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* The Linky list will be up until next Thursday night so if you don't get around to everyone today, no worries.  Keep hopping throughout the next week! 


Please Pray for Her

Please pray for Karie...

I can't even begin to imagine the immense amount of pain she is going through. Please keep her in your prayers, She's only 24 and she just lost her husband Cpl. Jimmy Kinsey II who was a Marine. She is asking for any of you who would like to donate to donate to two causes that meant a lot to them.

Thankful Thursdays


It's time for Thursday Five with MannLand5

Just list five things that make you






or all of the above!

I am thankful for a lot of things this week, except for being sick wish this cold or whatever it is would go AWAY! Ugh... anyway...

  • First thing I am thankful for this week is Banana Pancakes and our big weekend breakfasts. Hubby and I don't get to eat together much during the week so every weekend we do BIG breakfasts! Banana Pancakes, sausage, eggs all of it! YUMMO!
  • I am also very thankful because my hubby has been switched back to days! I am so excited this means we can actually do things together again, he was working nights which meant 3pm-3am no fun at all...
  • I am thankful for my two little dogs Flower & Tulip who think they are big & bad but never fail to make me feel safe when hubby is gone because they bark to warn me when they hear something.
  • I'm thankful for my hubby's mom who sends us antiboticos & other goodies when we are sick, like we both have been ever since hubby got home.
  • Lastly I  am thankful for all my bloggy friends who help to keep me occupied when I need to get my mind off hubby being gone so much, you guys are awesome!

Funny Faces

My husband is notorious for making this crazy face in our pictures, he doesn't do it on purpose... it just sorta happens. I love all his funny faces. This one in particular has been known to be in almost all of what could have been some really great pictures. So what is this face you ask? Well here you go...

Anyway I was just going through pictures and came across several of his random faces, thought I'd share a few, he can't ever take a serious picture! but we've got some good ones because of it... he's a major nerd, but I love him!


Are they really addicting?

My First time...

When I was 18 I decided I was going to rebel against one of the things my mother hated most, tattoos. So I went with a friend, and chose "Rabbit". It's a Chinese character that symbolizes the year I was born. I get some pretty crazy looks every time I tell someone that. They always assume first that it's some sort of sexual thing. It really isn't though! I was born in the year of the rabbit, I have always been fascinated by the Chinese Zodiac.

 It almost describes me to a T...

Rabbits are private individuals, a bit introverted and withdrawn. People are born into this sign would rather work behind-the-scenes instead of being the center of attention in any situation. They are very friendly individuals who enjoy the company of a group of good friends whether at a business dinner or a holiday party. Rabbits just like to be a part of the gang as opposed to the leader of it. The Rabbit is also one of the most stylish of all the animal signs, and has a very artistic nature. They really enjoy painting, music, and expressing themselves. It is a sign of peace, and they are often wise, tranquil, and considerate people.There are 12 signs in the Chinese Zodiac, so each one only comes every twelve years. There are also five elements, metal, wood, fire, water, and earth. So the element alternates each time the sign comes around. I was born in 1987 & I am a "Fire Rabbit" Fire adds an unspoken magnetism and mystery to the Rabbit. These people have a burning desire to get out and live life to the fullest. They are adventurous and love anything that sparks their creativity or curiosity. They can throw tantrums here and there, if provoked, but most of the time they work very hard to avoid conflict or confrontations. Fire Rabbits are charming and tend to push their emotions into the backs of their minds, but will speak up if necessary. They are extremely organized and the best way to throw a Rabbit off is to remove something from its sitting place. They are so orderly and their homes and offices so clutter-free that it is sometimes a point of humor with their friends. Rabbits are modest in their decorating choices and choose different shades of green such as sages and turquoises.

Another? Yes Please!

This post was supposed to be about how I want to get another tattoo, but I got into the whole zodiac thing. So anyway, I have been thinking so so much lately about getting another tattoo. The hubby and I really wanna do something together if we can figure out what. I've always heard so much controversy about getting names done, but I am REALLY wanting to get his name tattooed on me somewhere, not sure where though.  

We really like the idea of the sparrows, one for each of us. They are of course originally meant for sailors. They are known for traveling great distances & always returning home. So they are supposed to act as talisman to bring a sailor home safe. That's enough right there to convince me! The sparrow is also known to choose a soul mate and stay with them for their entire lifespan. So it seems fitting... as he is my sailor, and my soul mate. 

I really like this one...

I would do something original of course, I've tried drawing it out before but got impatient with it at the time, so guess I will have to try again!


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Top Ten Tuesdays

Started @ Flip Flops & Combat Boots

Here's this weeks topic!
Top Ten Favorite Foods:
(In no particular order!)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • My Cream cheese & cheddar dip
  • Sesame Chicken
  • My Mushroom Swiss Turkey Burgers
  • Fish Tacos 
  • Broccoli & Cheese soup
  • Sushi
  • Cheesecake
  • Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich (How I miss Texas!!)
 What are your Top Ten?

Click the link below to link up and post your Top Ten!


Ain't No Need to Go outside


Today was fairly uneventful, kinda peaceful actually. Hubby has been switched to days for the week, so we woke up at 5am and he left by 6. I started off doing chores around the house, and somehow ended up super gluing my fingers together while trying to fix our lamp. That was quite an adventure, I got them apart but ended up losing some skin in the process... Hubby came home though around 3:30 (oh how I miss the day schedule!). I was able to make dinner for us which I absolutely love doing, but it's very rare we get to have dinner together during the week. I made Steak & Potatoes which I was very proud of. They were both really easy to make and the hubby loved it, I just used things I had around the house. I forgot the picture, but I wrote down all the ingredients I used, Enjoy!


2 Steaks of your choice
1/3 C Water
1/3 C Soy Sauce
1/3 C Brown Sugar
1/2 t crushed garlic
1/4 t Cinnamon

Combine water, Soy sauce, brown sugar, and cinnamon in 1 Gallon zip lock bag shake well. Add the steak and marinate at least 20min. Heat grill or skillet and cook approximately 4-5 min on each side.


2 cups thinly slices potatoes
1/4 Water
1/2 t Chicken Bouillon

6 T milk
1 1/2 T All Purpose Flour
1/2 t crushed garlic
Pinch of salt

1/2 C Shredded cheddar cheese

Combine potatoes, water, and chicken bouillon cube in microwave safe dish and microwave for 13 minutes. Meanwhile combine flour, milk, garlic, and salt, remove potatoes from microwave and add flour mixture. Microwave for another four minutes, remove and add cheese, microwave one last time for three minutes.


After dinner we settled down to watch an episode of "Rescue Me" off Netflix, and a thunderstorm broke out it was awesome! Normally I'm terrified but my big, sexy, strong hubby was here so I felt safe! he he =P It was the first thunderstorm since I moved to VB, I took a picture couldn't catch any lightening though... I'm off to enjoy the rest of the night with my amazing sailor, but I think I will start posting more recipes from now on!

Thanks for Reading & commenting I REALLY appreciate it!


You Put the Goodtimes into My Fun

Had a great weekend with the hubby, we had dinner with an awesome couple on Saturday then spent the day together on Sunday....

I dyed my hair :)

We went to see Clash of the Titans (which was awesome!)
then came home and hung out

 He made margaritas while I cooked dinner

Then we ate out on the balcony and he wrote me another poem :)

"Come Hurry"

Come hurry my love the park is yelling green
The swing set is screeching fun
And our hearts a flutter holding hands and wanting to run

Run stretching time and space
Suspending them both at our crazy pace
Many would be amazed; others understand and  smile
Staring at the reflection of their past or present love trial
Seeing their love once again young and bright
Feeling our warmth taking peace in our sight
We are good we are right we are in love
Through the greenest day or the darkest night

-Mr. Gambizzle


You Warm My Soul

Hubby surprised me this morning by taking me down to the beach to the the sunrise. It was beautiful, my pictures don't even do it justice. The colors were amazing, reds, purples, and blues. I love that about him, he's always coming up with these little things to do for me. He doesn't ever forget that our relationship needs to still have those bits of romance. I couldn't be happier today, nothing in the world matters right now except for spending these precious few days we have together and making the most of them. It's days like this when the whole military lifestyle seems like its all worthwhile and I really think little things we do for each other are what keep a relationship or a marriage going strong, it's like the initial infatuation never wears off. I love that about us. I think the lifestyle does help with it though, we miss each other so much that when we are together we're crazy for each other. Nothing has changed since the day we met though. We've never had a real fight, I'm sure it will come someday. Sure we get into little disagreements but I really don't consider those anything they're over within five minutes and we' re back to laughing and being silly again. I never really thought I could have so much love for one person. It's the most amazing feeling ever & I thank God for bringing my husband into my life! I listen to a wide variety of music and this morning when we were out watching the sun come up
I was reminded of one of my favorite songs, "Desert Sunrise" by Brett Dennen this guy has the most wonderful voice, and his words are so soothing just like my hubby's poetry. I love his music the lyrics to this song are some of my favorite. It couldn't have been a better start to the weekend.iLy baby and thank you so much! You mean the world to me, and nothing is ever going to change that. What we have is special, and there's no way I will ever let it go.


Thursday Five

Wanna play?

just post 5 things that have made you..






or all of the above..
My Five..

  • I'm grateful for my extremely sexy, romantic, supportive, wonderful in every way hubby
  • I'm Joyful because today is Thursday which means it's now the weekend for us
  • I'm gleeful because we have three wonderful days to spend together
  • I'm giddy for all the fun we are going to have being silly this weekend
  • I'm happy because I'm starting my journey with my other half, my best friend, my absolute soul mate! iLy daddycakes MUAH!

Those are my 5..

What are yours?

You Got a Friend in Me

Today I was awarded the Friendly Blogger Award which means a lot to me, I just moved here and I don't have many friends yet. I think it's important to have people to talk to especially in this lifestyle. I think it's hard to talk to people about who aren't in the military because they just don't get it sometimes, so you girls are important to me! 

Thank You so much Nicole for the award!! You're the sweetest!

The rules of the award are to post it to your blog, write five things you love to do, and then pass it on to five other friendly bloggers.

So here are five things I love doing...
  • Like Nicole I also love scrapbooking! I have a huge scrapbook my hubby and I put together since the day we met and it's overflowing. I too save every ticket stub, and little things to put into it, I really should start another one!
  • I really enjoy making jewelry, it's become a hobby, and an amazing stress reliever!
  • I have become almost addicted to my blog! I love writing now, and working on it I've learned a lot and it helps pass the time while he is away.
  • I love trying new things whether it be going to a new place, trying a new food, or just learning something new. I love NEW things in life!
  • Cooking is one of my favorite things to do! I love creating food, and I love to eat! I'm always trying new recipes out for the hubby, and love to invite people over just so I can cook lol
Here are my five friendliest bloggers other than Nicole of course, and like her I also think these are people I could be friends with in real life!

I've Got the Fever

The little girl in this picture is really not helping me out right now, but she's a doll!

Ever since I was a little girl all I have ever wanted was to be a mommy and a good wife. So now that I am the wife to a very good man, all I can seem to think about is being a mommy! lol We've only been married for a few months, and we promised we'd wait a while before having children.  My husband has expressed the same childhood dream of being a daddy, which makes it even harder to wait.

Regardless, I still can't get it off my mind, and my hubby knows this too. 
I'm sure we will end up waiting like we are supposed to but I just have to let it out, it's driving me crazy! I don't know if it's just all the children who have been around me lately or what because now that we are around so many military families it seems there are children everywhere & babysitting them is really not helping me at ALL!
Someone said to me "Don't ever wait if you want to have children, have them now, because all you're doing is wasting time you could be spending with them." I know we can care for a child & I think we would be great parents, I know when the time comes we WILL be great parents. It's all we have ever wanted, to raise a child, love him, and teach him to do right. We have so much love to give, I just am not sure on the other hand if I am ready to give up so much freedom. We enjoy being able to just pack up and go whenever we please. We enjoy being able to have a night out without question, or being able to have people over for get togethers and such without worrying about waking baby.

Then there is the other thought that runs through my mind of what if hubby isn't here when baby is born? He only has a couple more years left in the Navy at this point, the original plan was to wait til he got out, but that's not looking so great anymore. I know I could handle the fact that he won't be here for everything at first, but he's still concerned that I would become overwhelmed.

Several of you I'm sure have gone through this so what are your thoughts, and what helped you decide?


Fun Stuff

I've been having so much fun with this blog! Not only is it a good way to vent, and let out the emotions of military life, but I've been learning a lot. It helps to keep me busy while he's away. I'm learning about all the html and stuff, learning to make my own backgrounds and graphics. Just finished me first attempt at a button...

Now all I need are followers! lol

Our Little Sanctuary

We have only been together for a few months, and only actually living together for less than three months. We're pretty much starting from scratch. We have had help from family members which we are very thankful for. We are very proud of our little sanctuary that we have created, a place we can relax and try not to think about all the stress of this military lifestyle. We don't have much here yet, bu it's full of love! We've finished a couple rooms, and some are still works in progress. I'm very excited to show what we have done so far though! 


Snap Out of It!

   Today I finally got a call from the insurance company and was able to go get my belongings from my car at the tow yard, it was very dark when the accident happened, and I knew it was bad but when I saw my car today in the light I have to say my heart sank a little bit. There was more damage than I had realized. The driver side door doesn't open, and the entire front end is smashed in. I didn't realize how bad my car was damaged, and I almost cried again thinking how badly we could have been hurt. I can realize now it was just a car, and I'm lucky to be okay.

So I'm thanking God for all my blessings today,
including how thankful I am to have not been hurt. 

Because of My Sunshine

The Sunshine Award is given to those who inspire others and show positivity and creativity. 
So Thank You Ashley! 
I've had a rough couple of weeks which were all made better when my sailor came home this weekend, and things are looking up now! This has made the day even better and I'd like to pass it on to a few other inspiring, creative, & most of all strong ladies!

She's just starting out but has a great little blog that I like to read, I'm happy to have someone around who comes from the same place as me. I think it really helps sometimes, when I'm really missing home, she knows how I feel.

I'm sure she probably has already won this award, but I can't say enough how inspiring she is, she's a very strong person. She's been through a lot, and has helped inspire me to keep going no matter how hard it gets.


Welcome Home Hubby :)

Grapes, strawberries, candlelight, bubbles, & most of all hubby! 

Tonight was perfect...

    I welcomed him home with a bubble bath, feeding each other fruit, and a nice foot massage, he is so spoiled but I have never been happier to have him home. We had a great time and I'm looking forward to spending an amazing couple of weeks in his arms before he's off again, but I'm not thinking about that right now because tonight couldn't have been better!


It's Homecoming day! :)

So today is the day he will be home! 

   I haven't been this excited in a LONG time! I have so much to do today, and can't sleep at all... I can't wait to feel safe again in his arms, and be able to enjoy all the little things we do together.  I only get him for three weeks but that's okay, we'll make every day count! We have so much to enjoy here now that it's hot, it was cold when he left so there's much we haven't done since we just moved here. Relaxing days on the beach, walking down the nature trail, exploring downtown, and I'm dying to go check out the zoo!

   All this separation, and time spent apart leaves something to be missed. I feel it brings us closer together and makes us see what we really have. Yes I miss him dearly when he's gone, but I love the excitement and anticipation each time he comes home! I have much to do today so I better get started but here is one of my absolute favorite poems from the hubby.. It's called Virginia Anticipation, he wrote it right before I flew to Virginia in October only the second time we ever met. Leaving to go back home to Texas after that was one of the hardest things ever. I DID NOT wanna get on that plane! I have lots of anticipation today so I think it's appropriate!

"Virginia Anticipation"
When our breathe hangs low
fog on window just to show
Of the love we both grew to know
Late in the chill of night
quiver for a kiss
Mourning for this moment we will miss
Mourning for the ending of our tryst
Morning and we both yeild to the light
Pervading the sane is the desire to fight
Fight for this loves presence
Fight for this room and all its contents
Contented to fore go today and look past tomorrow
Smile absent minded we forget and fore go this sorrow
Stay my love Stay give hope show faith
and we will rise above!
Adversity is nothing for we have Love


His Words...

I absolutely love reading my husband's poetry, it brings me so much peace when he is away. I feel safe, and as if he is here with me. Some of these were written before we were together, but I still love reading them. His words are so amazing to me, and no matter what is going on in life, no matter how far away he is, or how horrible a day I'm having, his words are what keep me going. From the ever so thoughtful good morning text messages, down to the long written out poems. I always said I would love a poet, and I fell in love the moment he started talking, & even still when he speaks his words are so wonderfully put together I can't help but fall in love all over again, because he never skips taking the time to say beautiful things to me. I never understood before how love continues to grow, but it does. I fell in love with him the day we met, and our relationship has progressed very rapidly. I know though that he's the one I will spend the rest of my life with, because there is not a single thing about him I haven't learned to love. Even the things that drove me crazy in other relationships. I have learned to see the good in everything he does, that there is a reason to his crazy ways. He may not have been my best friend before, but he definitely is now. I know I can confide in him, I can trust him with anything I need, and he brings happiness to my life and most who come around, and most of all he supports me in EVERYTHING I do. I can't imagine life without him, or even what it was like before him. I know that sounds crazy but he's brought so much to my life, and taken all that was ever bad away. I will never be able to thank him enough, but since I know he will read this because he always does, iLy daddycakes, you are my everything, my world, and my sky, & I can't see me without you in my life. Thank you for everything you have given me. and for the rest of you reading this here is another of his poems I found that I really enjoyed...

"Teach Me"

Teach me care 
Teach me inspiration
Teach me self
Teach me admiration
for the matters of the heart 
Teach me proper how can i start
Teach me understanding
Teach me patience
Teach me hope commmanding
demanding I get a proper peace 
Teach not to take the whole but happy with just my piece
Teach me to walk
with arms open wide 
Teach me to talk
with eyes focused on meaning
Teach me happy with smile gleaming
Teach me alone without lonliness
Teach me laughing
With my God apitamy of comeliness

Teach the peace to come to us 
Teach me to be harmonious
Teach me how to sense
for I feel my body trapped in my own defense
Teach me teach
love the everything and the each 
Teach me beauty is a within not with out reach
Teach me not to walk these streets
but happy skip to the beats
the coming the going happy in the knowing
that though tragedy is a truth
and hurt will happen and harm will occur
and I can't avoid no matter how I juke jive swerve
That I am me such a lesson of sweet simplicity
so teacher if you could; please if you would just teach me

- Mr. Gambizzle

From my Hubby

Fingers woven seamless
Bound by more than touch
joy friendship and such
I could have never dreamed this

Dreamed of love so invasive and encompassing
To have it pervade my body
I feel as if I am not me
I sing now songs I could not sing

Dream now of futures i have not seen
Live as a man I have not been
And all the while it seems
There is so much more to come!




So my hubby is coming home this weekend!! OMG I am so excited! I just found out he's leaving again in two weeks though for another entire month... So that really sucks, but I can't wait to hold him again! Only four more days. It seems so unreal because when he left I was counting the days since he'd been gone, now I feel like I'm counting backwards! lol I'm so happy, I miss his smell, and his presence, and his happy personality! He's such a a happy person, he puts everyone around him in a good mood. He's the greatest I could ever ask for! I thank God for him being in my life every single day. So I'm sure you're tired of hearing how crazy happy I am right now lol so I'm off to make more jewelry! Thanks for reading! and visit my site I've got new items up!



Hey girls :) I've started a website for my jewelry hoping it will help me get more into it! Go check it out maybe you'll see something you like! Here's my latest creation, a simple Peace bracelet! I love Peace signs :)


Beautiful Blogger Award

YAY! What a great way to start a morning! Thank You so much! The rules to this award are that you have to say thank you, list seven things about yourself, and pass it on. So thank you very much! =)

1. I am MAD CRAZY in love with my husband, and he' s the most important thing in my life.

2. I can't wait to have children, but I won't for a couple years. 

3. I'm addicted to Pepsi =)

4. I hate drinking from cups in a restaurant without a straw, I know I'm weird.

5. I love to go out dancing with my husband

6. I take photos like a crazy person, I have thousands lol

7. I miss home, but I'm loving Virginia more and more every day!

I am passing this award on to...

Christina - Married to a Sailor: The Journey of a Navy Wife

Rachel - A Little Pink in a World of Camo

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Karie - Wife of a Wounded Marine

Mrs. G.I. Joe - ACU's, Stilleto Shoes, & Pretty Pink Tutus

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Becca - Lovely Yellow Ribbons

I love your blogs and you guys are BEAUTIFUL! =D