Happy Thoughts:


The Next Eighty Years

My husband recently left for the first time since we moved in together. We're used to being apart because that's how our whole relationship has been, but it was different this time. I'm in a new city, I don't really know anyone very well yet, and I recently lost my car. I knew what I was getting myself into when I married him, but you're never really prepared for the kind of emotion that comes along with having to say goodbye, no matter how many times you go through it. 

I know deployment is so much worse, but I kinda like these little separations in a way because they give you a chance to step back and really truly see what you have. Every time my husband leaves it takes a few days to get myself going again but, then I can stop and think about all the love we have. We are so crazy stupid in love with each other! He's my best friend, I tell him everything, right down to little things that no one else in the world knows. I love it! I love that we can goof off, and act silly and not care what anyone thinks. I love that we have inside jokes that make us giggle, and I like to think that we have the kind of relationship, and the kind of love that will keep us going strong for the next eighty years. 

When my husband and I were getting married at the courthouse there was a newspaper article on the bulletin board about this couple who broke the world record for the longest marriage. They were married for over 80 years! My husband and I always tell each other we are going to break that record. I love seeing little old couples like that, still holding hands after 80 years. It makes me smile to know that that kind of love does exist, because that's the kind of love I believe we have. When two hearts like ours meet, they create a bond so strong that nothing in the world can tear them apart.