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I Need You!!!

To please go vote for my picture, as of right now I think I'm in fifth place! PLEASE go vote, all you have to do is add her as a friend, and then click "Like" on my picture. It would mean so much to me if you vote.

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He's My Hero

My husband is my hero. He has provided me with so many great opportunities. I love him times sideways eight. This week although he is gone, has been pretty amazing. I want to thank each and every one of you who have purchased jewelry from me in the last week you have NO idea how it has helped me. I have been so insanely busy keeping up with all the orders that this week has flown by. I am grateful for that, it's been so much easier to keep my mind off of how much I miss him. 

I have been extending my military jewelry collection & I intend to continue doing this. It's my most popular collection & it's amazing how many of you have bought these jewels to show support for your husbands. It means a lot to me all the compliments I have gotten on it. I'm selling out of it like hot cakes so be sure to email me to get your order in! I got a few more weeks to keep busy, so I'll need it! lol Thanks so much girls, here are a few of the new pieces I put out today. My email is MrsGambizzle@yahoo.com if you are interested in purchasing something from here or a custom one of a kind piece. I know most of the stuff I have is Navy related but I promise to have more for other branches soon!

Anchor & black glass earrings

Strength & anchor necklace

Integrity & anchor necklace

Passion & anchor necklace

Discipline & anchor neclace

Focus & anchor necklace can be customized with any color crystal

Honor & anchor necklace (I also have courage)

I love my hero button charm bracelet

I love my soldier vintage charm bracelet