Happy Thoughts:


It's Homecoming day! :)

So today is the day he will be home! 

   I haven't been this excited in a LONG time! I have so much to do today, and can't sleep at all... I can't wait to feel safe again in his arms, and be able to enjoy all the little things we do together.  I only get him for three weeks but that's okay, we'll make every day count! We have so much to enjoy here now that it's hot, it was cold when he left so there's much we haven't done since we just moved here. Relaxing days on the beach, walking down the nature trail, exploring downtown, and I'm dying to go check out the zoo!

   All this separation, and time spent apart leaves something to be missed. I feel it brings us closer together and makes us see what we really have. Yes I miss him dearly when he's gone, but I love the excitement and anticipation each time he comes home! I have much to do today so I better get started but here is one of my absolute favorite poems from the hubby.. It's called Virginia Anticipation, he wrote it right before I flew to Virginia in October only the second time we ever met. Leaving to go back home to Texas after that was one of the hardest things ever. I DID NOT wanna get on that plane! I have lots of anticipation today so I think it's appropriate!

"Virginia Anticipation"
When our breathe hangs low
fog on window just to show
Of the love we both grew to know
Late in the chill of night
quiver for a kiss
Mourning for this moment we will miss
Mourning for the ending of our tryst
Morning and we both yeild to the light
Pervading the sane is the desire to fight
Fight for this loves presence
Fight for this room and all its contents
Contented to fore go today and look past tomorrow
Smile absent minded we forget and fore go this sorrow
Stay my love Stay give hope show faith
and we will rise above!
Adversity is nothing for we have Love


  1. Aw yayyy have fun with him! I agree the distance sucks but the reunions make it all worthwhile

  2. So so sooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much girls! :) Just got a phonecall actually he's halfway here YAY lol