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It couldn't get better

I can't make him come home, I can't go where he is, so right now it couldn't get better than getting an email. I think I almost screamed when I saw his name in my inbox. The day has been good, so what better way to end it than with the comforting words from my daddycakes. He really is amazing.

Hey Wifey Buns,

=DD You love me don't ya! You're so cute with your pining for me, I'm doing the same I lay down at night and cant help but think, especially having the bedding from the house, of you and our kiddos! That's great hunny I know that car has a great a/c system doesn't it? and I'm happy to hear you're keeping busy... I love hearing about your day no matter how boring. So even if you next to nothing I'd love to hear about it even if you just blogged and watched a movie or a show!! So in order to be fair I'll give you the down low on what I'm doing everyday!
Keeping my empty sockets clear, Motrin's helping a lot! Work today was slow in the morning and jets came bout noon! Really didn't do much up there but learned a lot from my new boss he gets hyped bout being up there and so does the new second class its awesome working with them! Got myself scheduled for a fork lift class so I'll be able to drive one when I get home! Studying slowly but surely getting ready for the test in Sept. be plenty ready I can feel it in my bones! Finished and there was no water for showers till about an hour ago :/ but hey what are you gonna do! Totally used it as an excuse not to work out today though I'll be on it tomorrow for sure making a schedule in my rack tonight to coordinate! I'm excited to get back to you with a lil extra hubby to love... rock hard extra hubby lol
Love you mi amor and I hope that when you dream tonight you meet a handsome guy with a red tulip, that's me and you might wanna say whats up!

Is it just me or does it look like they miss him too???

Holding down the fort

(Our parking lot)

Things have been netter today. I actually got a couple hours of sleep for the first time since my daddycakes left. I woke up early and my friend came over to hang out for a little while which helped some. I've been trying to take care of things today to keep me busy so this day will pass faster than the last few. I cleaned the house, did the laundry, and the dishes and then had a small lunch. Then I decided I would take the car and wash it myself to pass some time. So I drove around forever looking for a car wash, I'm still sorta new tot this area so I didn't know where any were. Our passenger side window has been broken for a couple weeks & won't roll up. We have been covering it with plastic at night since it usually rains.

(Road trip in the mountains)

I love our car and I think it's the most adorable car ever, but I haven't been taking care of it lately because I was frustrated about the window. Today I had had enough of it & started pushing on it harder and harder and IT ROLLED UP! It's stuck in that position now, who cares I can use the A/C again! I am so excited about that, I know you probably think I'm crazy, but we live in a nice neighborhood where everyone drives nice cars. Our Mini Cooper is nice too, but with plastic over the window it looks kinda ghetto & I'm always scared that the interior will get ruined if the plastic comes off. Now I have one less thing to stress about since he is gone which always makes life easier. I'm excited to tell him about it too I think he will be proud of me! HAHA

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Scentsy Giveaway

I have a special surprise for you all today...

My gorgeous friend Sarah (who happens to be a Navy wife) is a Scentsy consultant. She has generously donated one of my favorite warmers along with one bar to giveaway on my blog. If you haven't ever heard of it, it's a fabulous product. Scentsy has some adorable warmers & tons of delicious scents. They also very soon will have military warmers which I will definitely be purchasing for my house. The best thing about it is the wax is melted with a low watt light bulb so it smells great but never heats up enough to hurt you, or those little kiddos many of you have running around. Make sure you visit her site where you can become a Scentsy consultant under her, host a party of your own, and purchase other products.

(Military themed warmers available 9/1/2010!)

What's the prize?

This fabulous Zebra warmer is the one she has chosen to giveaway.It's one of their full size warmers & it's my favorite one. She has also been generous enough to include a bar of Camu Camu which smells amazing!

So how do you enter to win this fabulous prize? 

Well there are several ways to enter I have listed them all below.

  •  First you must be a follower of my blog in order to enter the contest.
  •  For ONE entry put my button on your page
  • For TWO entries blog about the giveaway 
  1.   Make sure you include a link to her site: https://sarahdawn.scentsy.us/Home 
  2. A link to my blog
  3. and make sure you tell everyone where you would use the Scentsy in your home               
  • For ONE entry like her fan page on FB and comment on it.
  • For FIVE entries purchase any item from her website
  1. Please make sure you tell her you came from my blog & she will notify me when you purcahse something so no cheating.
  •  No anonymous comments will be counted
  • You must leave a separate comment for EACH ENTRY and make sure one of them includes your email address so I know where to contact you. The contest will run until August 15th, 2010 at 12:59 EST I will announce the winner the next day & they will then have 48hrs to contact me before a new winner will be chosen. Please email me at MrsGambizzle@yahoo.com with any questions.
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