Happy Thoughts:


What's worse than a One-Upper?

This to me is worse than what I have learned is called a "one-upper", I woke up this morning to more negativity a.k.a fellow military wives. I do not understand... The first thing I read was this which is part of a status update from a Navy wife, who is apparently upset at all the other wives who are now missing their husbands...

"Wont be on facebook much, its the only way I can avoid status updates from those with the E. I don't need to see people whining and bitching about their guys being gone. I have other things NOT military affiliated to worry about."

Needless to say she has now been removed from my friend list, not that that means anything to her, but I refuse to have that kind of negativity in my life. I love my husband he is my best friend, he's my world. When he is gone, life just isn't the same. I think I am doing pretty damn well with this all, I'm just so angry that people would say things like that. It makes me even more proud to be a military wife. Just to be able to say that I will always be there for any of my fellow military wives who need an ear, a shoulder, anything at all. I will never try to one-up you I will simply listen and do my best to support you! I want people around who will support me when I need it, and I will absolutely be there to do the same. All I have to say is saying that I miss my husband is not complaining, or being negative in my eyes, it's just expressing my feelings the same way I do about everything else. This is the last post I will write on this subject I promise, I was just in disbelief when the negativity continued today, and from so many people. I'm on to much happier things today!

Sweeeeet! An Award!

I know, I know, I'm posting like crazy today, but it's keeping my mind off things sorta... Well it's making them better anyway. I was so excited to learn that I won another award! YAY me! I just won the Sweet Blog award from Flip Flops & Combat Boots, which is awesome because she is one of my favs! So the rules of this award are simple all you have to do is pass it on to 10 more super sweet blogs, and i know plenty of those! So here's the award for all of you I'm passing it to.

Here is a list of the super, amazing, and sweet blogs I'm going to pass it on to: