Happy Thoughts:



Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Blessing from Musings of an Army Wife and we had a blast at the beach with her GORGEOUS baby girl! We had such a great time we are planning to hang out again before she leaves town! Her little girl is the happiest baby I have ever met! She was having the time of her life splashing around out in the ocean and it was the perfect day we took them to the private military beach here so it was not too crowded and the water felt GREAT!

We were also BLESSED with this gorgeous television this weekend! It's pretty much brand new, a 32" flatscreen Panasonic, and was given to us by our lovely friends who bought a new larger television. I never told you all but my husband broke the television when he was still living in the barracks so we unfortunately just had to fork out $400 and buy them a new one. So I feel very blessed that we were lucky enough to have someone GIVE us an awesome TV like this!

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