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I could really use a wish right now

"I could really use a dream, or a genie, or a
wish to go back to a place much simpler than this."

I have this song and a few others on repeat tonight, as I sit here being bummed. Today was a pretty lousy day. I had a very hateful email this morning from someone whose order I accidentally messed up. She tried to say her bracelet was "dirty" when really she should be smart enough to realize that it's the color of the metal, that's why it's called antiqued silver! She said I messed up the clasp which I did. She asked for a loggle, and Iused a lobster claw. That's probably the only thing that was really wrong with the whole order. Then she tried to say I messed up the size when she told me her wrist was 6.5" so I made the bracelet almost 7" so it wouldn't be to tight. She never said she wanted the actual bracelet to be 6.5".  She also threatened to post a bad review, which she never did. I told her it was fine because I really don't feel like I did wrong. I offered that if she shipped it back to me I would make her another one to which her only response was, "Thanks anyway." She just had a problem with absolutely everything. So I lost my first customer I guess but who needs customers like that anyway. She's obviously way too picky.

Then my hubby told me he had good news so I waited ALL day to find out what it was, only to find that it wasn't good news. He said he would be home early, yet he wouldn't. He got his fork lift operation license while on the ship so now he has to stay for offload. Guess what that means! While everyone else I know will be running to meet their sailor, I won't. I'll be home playing the waiting game for another 6-8 hours while he's unloading the ship. Then by the time he gets done it's going to be late, and he's going to be so tired he'll have to go to bed for work the next day. I guess I should be used to it by now, but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm just ready for this to be over already. I want him home. I only get him for two weeks as it is, then they're shipping him back out again. On top of that he's missing my birthday which is in a few days. I know, I know enough bitching. I keep seeing that on facebook which doesn't help. the stress is building up. The little time we have left before his back to back deployments is precious to me, and this is only taking away from it. 

He sent me another poem tonight which has helped some, but just makes me miss him even more. I just keep telling myself it will all be over soon enough. 

"Good Night"

You're my sweet whisper; gentle in the night!
Wishing me good evening, and bidding me goodnight.
The sweet but bitter goodbye,
before my eyes shut tight.

Before a fantastic dream scape,
and tulips glowing bright.
I bid you sleep well,
So sweet night, good night.
So that you might see me standing,
with a tulip bathed in light.

Mili Mondays: Navy Wife

"Navy Wife"

I am a Navy Wife. I was born to be a Navy Wife. [The Navy and I share a birthday :)] The irony: when I met the man who would become my husband, I wanted nothing to do with another sailor for as long as I lived! I "came of age" just around the corner from Naval Station Norfolk. I had seen my fair share of sailors. I knew the base like the back of my hand. But then, this man walked into my life, and that all changed!

It wasn't love at first sight on my part, but you'll never convince me it wasn't on his part. That picture up there... we've been holding hands since the day we met and I hope we continue to hold each others hands until the day we die.

You all must have heard it before, but my grandpa always liked to say "If the navy wanted me to have a wife, they would have issued one in my seabag!" I'm sure glad they didn't issue one to my hubs and he was allowed to find me. The day I said "I do" to him, I said "I do" to the Navy. I'm that Navy Wife that LOVES the navy and all her glory. I don't refer to the Navy as a mistress, or any of the other derogatory things so many young spouses call the service. I love the lifestyle. I love the pride. I love the swag.

You see that oak leaf there on the cuff? My husband is in Medical. A week after our formal wedding he deployed, and we all know about Haiti... that happened a day into deployment, a week after our wedding! My husbands ship went right away. I was so scared! The things he would see, the experiences he would undergo! He is usually in a hospital, so this was his first deployment.

I was initiated into Navy life like the worst of them! We had to change our wedding date. I had to pack our stuff up [read: pack HIS things up] all alone and move out of our apartment in a FREAK winter storm [we lived in Norfolk, VA... it doesn't snow!]. The ship was redirected immediately. We were moving across country, but not PCSing.  Oh, and when I got there: I had flown to California with 4 suitcases and a carry-on. The rental company wouldn't rent a car to me, like they said they would, because I didn't have a credit card [just my debit, which they said I could use]! I was all alone, in a new place, away from home for the first time ever!

But ladies, never give up! For those who have flown into San Diego, you know they have those little shuttles that take you to the car rental lot? I SOBBED all the way back to the airport and all the way to the next car rental place. I called Navy Lodge hysterical afraid I would miss check-in. I couldn't find where I was going, even though I had GPS. I was all alone, and at that very minute, I sobbed openly in public. The people at this shady little car rental place must have thought I was crazy! I went to the bathroom to wash my face and decided it was this moment in time when my big girl panties had to come out and be put on.

I couldn't tell you the number of times I have sobbed since that day, four months ago. If you're anything like me, you will too. I quit my job when we moved to be a stay at home wife, and that pay cut is catching up to us as we live in a much more expensive place than home. I cry because I'm lonely all day, everyday. I cry because these first few months of our first year of marriage together aren't exactly what I planned. But I am NAVY STRONG [sorry Army gals, had to borrow it :)].

I think we all go through it and one day, I will look back and recall these days, in our TINY little California apartment, and laugh. One day, we will be able to say "we made it through the tough times, let's enjoy the
good times!"

The spouses I have met through here and through the FRG have been a huge support for me so far from home. If you think I can be a part of your support system, shoot me a line. We're all in this together ladies. Hooah, semper fi, anchors aweigh... we're the ones left to savor memories for our service members... ones
we'll never forget.

Cuddles and Kisses,
The Mrs.


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