Happy Thoughts:



 As if things could get worse today... we are now on high alert and being told by some to prepare for emergency evacuation, get kits together, and have a plan and such. I really hope Earl decides to go another route. I don't know how much I can take. It's a 28 hour drive to get home so that's out of the question. Guess I will have to find a hotel and pray for the dogs and I to be okay. Right now the hurricane is at a category 4, still gaining strength, and expected to hit Wednesday or Thursday in our area. they are hoping it will change direction and not hit, but just the thought is scary enough.

I'm pretty scared. I've never been through anything like this, never expected to have to do it without my husband either. Even if he was already home he'd gt shipped right back out, so I guess it doesn't really make a difference. We don't have things like this where I 'm from in Texas, we don't get hurricanes, or tornadoes, or earthquakes. It doesn't even snow where I'm from.... Please pray with me.