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I finally did it

I gave in and after 3 years I finally did it... I cut my hair. It was driving me crazy yesterday I just couldn't get it to do anything right! SO I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting. I'm still not so sure about it it feels weird because I'm so used to my long hair but I think I can get used to it... 

My Sugar Dolls

I am so very excited I got another award! EEEK!

Thanks to Kelsey @ Far From the Safe Harbor who's blog is adorable! 
If you haven't been there yet go on over and say Hi!

Far From Safe Harbor

So here's the award which is also adorable...

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The rules are you have to tell your bloggy friends ten things about yourself and pass it on

I am very grateful for husband and all that he has done for me and how he has changed my life he never ceases to amaze me I CAN'T say that enough 

I prefer reading over watching television

I have a wide variety of hobbies & I love making things
I rearrange my house often 

I'm a neat freak it bothers me if ANYTHING is out of place
I love making friends and I have made some great ones lately
I listen to absolutely all genres of music and can find something I like in every one of them!
I can't watch a scary movie without having a nightmare so they aren't really allowed in my house
I never went to college
I love this crazy unpredictable military lifestyle

Here are my tEN Sugar Dolls...

Being a Better Wife

Navy Doll

A Muddy Paw