Happy Thoughts:


Home, Sweet home.

Jericho (Our Mini Cooper) is a traitor. He has a new best friend. Even after everything we've given him, he stills loves the tow truck more. He decided after we drove for 26 hours that he just couldn't take it anymore even though we only had ONE MORE HOUR to go. So he decided to blow a tire. In the RAIN. When it was 49 DEGREES outside. My boots were soaked, my pants were soaked. I was exhausted, and once again crying my eyes out. When will it be enough? So no Jericho is DEFINITELY on my SL. This is the third time he has been towed in THREE WEEKS! I can't say I really blame him though after driving across the country, I'm sure it's exhausting, and this IS the third time.

Needless to say, I finally made it home at 1:30 am when I should have been there around 8! however I am safe and that's what matters, and after sleeping the entire day away I feel much better. I will defeat this deployment no matter what it throws at me.