Happy Thoughts:


For my lovely readers

I have come across many blogs that I love to read who don't have buttons, and I'm feeling awfully generous today SOOOOO I am making an offer to any of you who don't have buttons or who would like a new one leave me a comment with the link to your blog & the title of your blog and I will make you a FREE button! YES you read right I said FREE! All I want you to do is put your new button in a post about how awesome it is & you must become a follower if you are not already!

Along with my own blog layout I have also done buttons for these lovely ladies as well as a layout for the second one! So go on what are you waiting for!

P.S. let me know if any of you need help putting your button on your blog!

Dinner and a Movie

Last night hubby and I spent some quality time together starting with a wonderful dinner I made, and then settling down to enjoy a movie together. It was very nice to just have a quiet relaxing evening not worrying about anything. With the military lifestyle you know they don't come around often. There's usually always someone calling, or something that needs to be done.

This is the yummi-licious steak I made last night along with some cheddar Mashed taters, I bet you want the recipe don't you???

"Blue cheese Steak"
Two Steaks marinated in Soy Sauce 
and cooked to desired doneness
 Two Slices of bread
Tablespoon of olive oil
Tablespoon of Mrs. Dash's Original Blend seasoning
Parmesan Cheese

After steaks are cooked to desired doneness top them with the blue cheese so it will melt a bit meanwhile heat a skillet with the tablespoon of olive oil, and slice bread into 1/2 inch cubes. Put bread into skillet and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash seasoning then cook until golden brown. Once done put bread on top of steaks, and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

As for the movie...

We watched this adorable movie called "The Tale of Despereaux" now if you've been reading my blog for a while you might already know this but I don't exactly watch very many movies, and when I do it's usually waaaaay after everyone else has already seen them.