Happy Thoughts:


Wining & Dining

I think by the time I leave here I will have gained 10lbs! we've done nothing but have delicious food and drinks! Today is my sixth day in Boston, we went to a little winery in Nashoba, and it was so cute. We did a wine tasting and even got an extra sample, then we had this amazing lunch. I had a Salami and Brie sandwich. The bread was a little too crunchy, but other than that it was delicious. We had some amazing wines. My favorite was the last one, it was a desert wine called Plum Blush. 

I absolutely LOVE Nicole's nana she's so funny & sweet! I think I've met Nicole's entire family while I was here! I even met her GREAT grandmother today. Tonight  we are going out for dinner and drinks at one of her favorite places, Fire & Ice. I'm  pretty excited since with the bad weather we were stuck in the house for a couple days, and today has been absolutely gorgeous!