Happy Thoughts:


Say Hello

It seems to be coming more common, today I received yet another fan email. Brittany is new to the blogging world and looking to make friends, so why not stop by her blog and say hi! 

Hi my name is Brittany, 

I have come across your blog and I love it! It inspired me to start my own, which I did yesterday. I am a Navy fiance and i am using the blog to discuss feelings, events, and ect... I would love to get in contact with more men and women who are going through the same things that I am and will be going through. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to get in contact with more bloggers such as you and I. I really have zero idea as to what I am doing when it comes to blogging. haha But it seems like a really good way to communicate with other military families!! If you could offer any help it would be greatly appreciated! I am following your blog, and I added my Thursday Five onto your blog. I also gave you a little shout out on mine, I hope you don't mind. My blog is, "Tales From a Sailor's Soul Mate." Thank you so much for your time, I hope I wasn't a bother!


P.S. I love your jewelry as well!! =)

Thursday 5

Grab My Button

Hey ladies!

It's time for Thursday Five! This week has been so crazy I thought I would never find even a few minutes to sit down and get this post together. I had to reflect on my week in between getting jewelry orders together just to come up with my list. I hope you all are well this week and have lots to be thankful for. Here are the five words for this week.






All you need to do is sit down and take a minute to reflect upon your own week, then make a post about it, be sure you include my lovely button, and then come back here to link up so everyone can share their happy thoughts for the week!  

One. I'm thankful for all the prayers and support I have received over the last couple of days regarding the hurricane. It means a lot to me!
Two. So lucky to be married to one of the most wonderful men alive.

Three. I'm joyous that that wonderful man will soon be home and in my arms again.
Four. I'm giggly because my birthday is next week, and although my hunny won't be here to celebrate with me I'm excited to be turning 23! I've already picked out my birthday gift! hehe

 Five. I'm happy because these last few weeks have flown by faster than I ever thought they would thanks to all my lovely fans!