Happy Thoughts:


From the hubby

I haven't done one of these in a while, but the other day I got the most amazing letter in the mail so I had to share his words with you all <3

Hello my love,

I hope that where ever it is that you are reading this that you have plenty of sunshine and a cool breeze. I like to envision you wrapped up in a warm glow of love with golden sunlight washing over you, it's rays splayed between your pretty hair, your eyes beaming down upon my letter reading every word, every syllable so very intently; as if to will a kiss from your lover's lips by doing so. The corners of your mouth upturned in a little smile, that you cannot help but bear, and your cheeks so forced by your smile, hugging your gorgeous hazel eyes. I love you my butter bean and I hope that through all of the unfortunate happenstance this deployment has brought you that you are still very assured of this fact, if not then I beg you, let me know.

Life here on the boat is not as sweet as home life, but it has its rewards, like my new found appreciation for so many things I have left at home like all of my loved ones and the sweet joy of embracing them and talking to them. Sunday morning breakfasts and long lazy weekends filled with lovemaking and laughter. Feeling the press of my wife's warm skin against my own, and the warm unmistakable ache of being inside her, and of simply just having her in the same room as me. Being able to run aimlessly getting lost in thought, and the simple joy of feeling ground below my feet, the salty ocean breeze and bright warm sun bathing every inch of my naked skin. Puppy kisses and the selfless affection given by our little sweet hearts, and OJ! A cold glistening glass of orange juice with just the right amount of pulp. 

There is structure and discipline of being faced with work and assignments every minute of every day (A predicament I have brought upon myself, I know). The chance to be better at those little things that get to be so mundane and mind numbing; a chance to master my weaknesses and to better see and develop the traits I admire and beliefs I hold. Those things that often get lost int the pleasure of convenience. 

Complaining is only natural but I try not to get lost in remembering how sweet my life is, with a gorgeous and loving wife and all! I won't bother you with the every day comings and goings because frankly it would be to long and boring and probably make me depressed. Only three more months, and even less by the time you receive this. I can't wait for that sweet moment when I get to wrap my arms around you and whisper I love you in those cute little ears of yours and inevitably to whisk you away to our bedroom and make sweet love for days! I don't think you'll be able to keep your hands off hubby once I come home not only because I'm good at what I do, but because I'm going to come home looking like a Greek god sculpted from marble. I love you my sweet darling wife, and I can't wait to return to the look in those gorgeous eyes of yours I so desperately miss.

Very deeply in love, 


He's amazing... *sigh*