Happy Thoughts:


Oh the Excitement!

I've been so busy these last couple days with the family visiting! They got here with a van load full of goodies. They brought us two bedside tables, a desk, a TV stand, some adorable chairs for our balcony, my paintings that I wasn't able to bring before, and a box full of various candles and decorations I had left behind as well. So my house is slowly filling up with furniture and looking more like a home. I'm excited! My hubby is so excited his little brother is here, it's been seven months since he saw him last. We are hoping to take them out to the aquarium which is like my favorite place ever! Hubby bought me a membership there recently so now I can go whenever I want! He's the bestest!

Pics will come soon of the fun times we're having, but for now they are young, and still being lazy sleeping, which I don't mind because I have some catching up to do with button requests, and jewelry to make. Which reminds me, I am so excited to say I am doing the Jewelry for Brittany's wedding from "My Life as a Sailor's Princess" she is getting married at the end of this month!

Be sure you all go and check out my new blog for Gambizzle Jewels where you are now able to pay with a credit card so purchases are SO much easier & you get your jewels a lot faster! I am working on a "Pampered Pooch" collection now featuring collar charms, and sparkly jewels! How exciting, so keep checking for adorable charms for your spoiled little pooches! Here's an example of what's to come...