Happy Thoughts:



Today is my last full day in Boston, I fly out tomorrow afternoon. It amazes me how fast it went by. I love that time is flying, and this deployment will be over before I know it. I have a few things to start planning, but that's a whole nother post. I have no idea what we are doing today, but I do know we had an AWESOME day yesterday. We started with a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery, and throughout the day we drank lots of beer.

The tour was free which was pretty awesome considering they gave us these cute little beer glasses and even filled them three times with different Sam Adams beers for free as well!

After we finished drinking our beer and got some souvenirs, we headed to a little bar they told us to check out which was the first bar in the world to sell Sam Adams. The bar actually is 125 years old, and several movies have scenes that have been filmed inside including 21 & Mystic River. 

After all the beer drinking we decided to head to Fenway park, by the time we got to the area we had to pee sooooooo bad but no one would let us use their rest room, so we stopped at another bar, called Game On, and we had another beer just so they would let us use the restroom.  Once we finished we headed over to Fenway park, and then realized we had missed the tour since we made so many detours. It was still amazing to be there and see everything though.

After all that beer drinking and touristy stuff, we were pretty hungry so we headed over to Cheers! for dinner. We decided to have clam chowder for dinner, and I didn't realize it would make me sick since I'm allergic to Shrimp, but it did. It wasn't that bad, just really, really nauseous. It was totally worth it though, it was delicious. All in all I've had an awesome time here in Boston and I'm sad that it is over, however I am excited to get home to my new puppy, and my baby flower. I miss them a lot.