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Funny Faces

My husband is notorious for making this crazy face in our pictures, he doesn't do it on purpose... it just sorta happens. I love all his funny faces. This one in particular has been known to be in almost all of what could have been some really great pictures. So what is this face you ask? Well here you go...

Anyway I was just going through pictures and came across several of his random faces, thought I'd share a few, he can't ever take a serious picture! but we've got some good ones because of it... he's a major nerd, but I love him!


  1. lol thats wicked funny..a guy I know does the same thing, like a cheesy smile in EVERY picture. too funny!

  2. Yeah I don't mind all his cheesy smiles it's that first face the dorky one with the raised eyebrow thing lol it cracks me up, it only appears in the pictures that would have been really good otherwise.

  3. Haha that is so funny and cute! I can barely get my bf to do a smile! He has to act all tough.

  4. How cute!

    My boyfriend does that too! I love funny faces :)

  5. @ KelseyC

    Mine own't ever act tough or serious lol he always takes the craziest pictures he's a dork

  6. @ Whitney

    I do too! I love all his crazy pictures they make me smile :)

  7. Anonymous4/30/2010

    Ahahaha. At least he has fun with it!