Happy Thoughts:


See You Soon

The hardest part is officially over & my heart has begun to ache. I have no doubt that things will get worse before they get better, but a day is behind me and all I can do is look forward to this all being over. The next two days are not going to be easy. All I have to look at is an empty house. This is the time when Mojo was always my best friend. He would come cuddle with me, and not leave my side as if to say he knew I was sad. 

So far I have managed to keep myself from breaking down, by focusing on my plans throughout the next year and reminding myself that in only two days I will be on my way to be with our family. I definitely want to keep myself in a positive mindset throughout, to keep both of us strong, and a part of me is even a little excited to be starting the next step of our journey together. Our marriage is rock solid, and I know we will make it through this like champs. That's not to say there won't be days when I won't be able to drag myself out of bed, but I do know that we can do this together even though we're oceans apart.

I managed to snap a picture as he left. It was nice to capture our last moment together before he walked away. We are both exhausted as it has been a very long, stressful couple of weeks. We've been through a lot even after everything in my last post, but there's nothing in the world that can tear apart a love like this.

I have a TON of stuff planned. My business has really taken off, so that is my main goal right now. I want to focus on getting it where I want it to be. I have officially purchased a website finally and I'm almost done putting it together. It still has quite a bit of work to be done though, so that should keep me busy over the next couple weeks. I am really looking forward to getting started on the first care package which should arrive just in time for Valentines Day, and I Definitely can't wait to start blogging regularly again. 

Well, off I go to dreamland, I have a very important date with a very handsome man who has promised me a Tulip just like every other night that he's away.