Happy Thoughts:


Yay for Giveaways!

I ABSOLUTELY adore all of my bloggy followers! I'm almost to a hundred readers and I'm so excited, so since there are so many new people just within the last few days I'm going to re-post my giveaway and extend it til Sunday May 9th. So once again the rules are as follows:
  • You must submit a post on YOUR blog about the most romantic evening, event, or moment spent with your significant other. It must be complete with a link to my blog, and you need to leave a comment here with a link to the post. 
  • Second you have to bring at least one new follower to my blog, and have them leave a comment in this post saying they found me on your site! 
 Pretty simple eh? and it's all for this pretty little necklace handmade by moi! It's sterling silver and Garnet and selling for $50.oo on my site. So get posting! Have Fun!

Nerdy F-U-N !

It's been several days since I posted about all the fun hubby and I are having, but let me tell you there has been tons of absolute nerdy fun going on. I love that he is my best friend and we can be nerds together. Normally i don't like to post with lots of pics but I don't know how else to describe all that was this weekend without them.

We spent an entire day lounging around being lazy, eating, and watching "Ponyo" & "Rescue Me" and I got to see this amazing smile all weekend. It's one of my favorite things about him.

We went out with a group of friends to a house party which is something we haven't ever done before so that was exciting.

There was lots of  beer and this monstrous sandwich involved. Hubby likes to cook for me sometimes and he decided to make the biggest breakfast sandwich he could, I then proceeded and failed to eat it. We also learned to play some drunken game called Cornhole, found a guy at the party who can do our tattoos, and ended the night laughing and dancing away at some night club down the street from us!

We spent a day at the botanical Gardens here which was amazing. It was very hot which was wonderful considering the weather we've been having. I felt like a kid in a candy store here with all the gorgeous flowers, and pictures I took, oh and there were lots! 167 to be exact, hubby kept asking for a break lol


We played with the spiders while we were there, well not literally but we spend a ridiculous amount of time watching them crawling all over the statues. They were interesting, bouncing up and down, and hanging upside down. There were tons of them crawling around. 

You'd be surprised at the places we can have fun! We did some much needed grocery shopping, and made out like bandits! We hit the commissary on a day they were having a sale on literally everything on our list! We then went straight home and decided to play chef which resulted in our favorite asian food, Sesame chicken which was OMG delicious!!

So we have a few more fun filled days to enjoy before Mr. Gambizzle is off again to some place we shall not discuss, but let's just say I'm not looking forward to this trip.

I am off now to find yummy recipes for dinner and desert this weekend, and maybe even something crafty to do with the kiddos I will possibly be babysitting!

Photo Contest & Prayer Request

I decided to join this photo contest I saw this morning, I can't ever get enough of trying to learn about photo editing. It's a pretty simple contest thee aren't to many rules. Basically you just have to edit this photo....

and improve it any way you like, and here is what I came up with....

First I cropped the photo the way I liked it, then I put more focus on the subjects with the "depth of field" I created a new layer using the channel mixer so I could make the beautiful little girl stand out since she was obviously the focus, & Last I added a frame to make it pop a little more.

So after that I was looking at some of the other contestant's photos and I discovered that the little girl in this photo is Abby, Brent's daughter! Read more on her story here & pray for her please! Help spread the word the more prayers the better!

Grab a Button

You can find details on the contest here: MckLinky Blog

Tag Along With Me

I am loving these blog hop adventures! I am finding some really awesome blogs to read! So here's another one for you all. Tag along with me over to Twee Poppets who started this one! Just add this button to your post...

Tuesday Tag-Along

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