Happy Thoughts:


to my haters

 Sorry for the foul language, but I've had enough!!

Due to rude comments from "anonymous" bitches, and don't think I don't know who you are because I do! The blog will be going private and you'll have to be a member to comment, I am so tired of all the hatred from snobby people with nothing better to do than leave comments like "You've gained so much weight" & "Why don't you start hooking". Get a life skank.

I've got the blues

I should warn you this post is probably going to be a lot of rambling since there is SO much on my mind, and I haven't written in quite some time. Right now I am wishing I had stayed in Virginia. The days were flying by for a while, but lately they've been going way to slow for my liking. Most of the friends I had here previously have moved away, and the ones who haven't have jobs and are usually busy. I guess you don't really realize how much the military lifestyle changes you til you try to move back to your hometown. That's when you see the difference of being a stay at home wife. It's when you REALLY begin to understand that people who aren't in the military, can't and won't ever know what you're going through. 

bleh... sounds so depressing doesn't it? That's what I have been dealing with, so now I know better than to ever do this again. I'm done, I am definitely staying next time. I miss my girls, the ones who know what it's like, and just what you need to hear when you're having on of "those days". I guess the main thing is I am running out of projects to keep me occupied after I'm done working on jewelry for the day. Once it's time for "Me time" I'm getting lost in the I miss you phase... I have already made a quilt, started a scrap book, sent off four care packages, and of course I make jewelry all day long. I've also done major work on our car, it got new rims, tires, and everything else it needed. It's way to early to start planning homecoming stuff, at least I think it is, so I need ideas ladies! (:

It also doesn't help that he has no communication and I haven't received as much as an email in over a week now. I know, I know you're all thinking the same thing right now, just be strong, it'll be over before you know it. I am being strong, believe me, being here with family is NOT making life easier like it's supposed to... it's making it waaaaay harder. Don't get me wrong I love the in laws, but they are definitely getting to me and we're no where near the 50% mark yet. I want to go back to VA so badly, but I promised hubby I would stay here where he feels I am better off. He's a major worry wort, and he has enough stress as it is between work and college so I don't wanna do that to him. So that's where you come in my bloggy loves (: I need projects! Hook me up with ideas, and lots of them!