Happy Thoughts:


Fan Mail

I love fan mail. I get emails every once in a while from people who really adore my blog and it always makes me smile. It makes me happy to know that some people truly enjoy reading my blog. I know I have been lousy with keeping up lately, but I'm trying! I will get better I promise once I get everything more under control and get a routine down. I just wanted to say thank you to Kayla for this email and for allowing me to post it, it really brightened my day.

Hi my name is Kayla. The girl you just did your mili mondays on she is on my friend list on facebook and she had a linik posted on facebook for ppl to come over and read it. Well i did and than i started reading your blogs and I must say i loved it. I do not blog I just dont think its for me I love to read what other ppl blog. I have recently married my sailor back in dec. and its weird the day u and ur hub met two days later mine came home cause of his grandmother had past away and he came to job cause i was at work he came up there twice and it was amazing the few mins we had together and than he left and the next thing i know im engaged and when he came home in dec a few days after christmas we got married so at the same time you and ur hub were getting together me and mine was too. i just think its so weird. my hub was station in va at norforlk. when the ship he is on went from va to san diego it wasnt really a deplyoment to me cause when he left a week after we got married he had to go back to va and i was at home with family so to me it wasnt a deplyoment cause he had to leave to go back to va. the longest me and my hub has been away from each other is almost four months. we had plan that i stay home and finish my schooling that it would just be easier that way. well he came home at the end of april for two weeks and it lead over into may and than he had to leave and come back to san diego. well he hadnt been back a week and he txt me and told me he wanted me out here with him of course i was ready to drop everything and come but i had done paid for my summer classes and that was like seven hundred dollars for the classes that doesnt include books. so at the end of july i came to san diego. i have been here for a month. i got one week and two and four hours with my hub before he had to go out on the ship. they will be gone almost a month its not really deplyoment its just something they call sea trials i think idk what they call it. but he will be back soon and i cant not wait and we will have a few months together and than he is gone for a long deplyoment. I'm 2,000 miles from home and friends. but the reason im emailing is to let you know how much i loved reading your blog. i dont sleep much at night when he aint here cause im in a new place. im not use to this big city life im a small town country girl. me and my husband have had some not so good times and when i was back home i knew i was in love with my hub but there where times when i doubted if my marriage was going to work. and my first week out here in cali wasnt all that good me and hub had a big fight hye llied to me about and something he denied but we have gotten better and since i have been out here i feel more closer and am in so much more in love with him now than ever before. i love reading your blog and your is awesome i hope to order one day it wont be soon but it will prob be while my hub is deplyoed. but i love some of your jewerly and already what i want for when i do order. but i love reading your blogs i teared up reading some of them they were good tears cause some of it i felt like i could relate or knowin that homecoming i get to go through so reading about it made me think what it was going to be like when my hub comes home and it made me tear up and i was so happy thinking about bein in my hub arms. i am going to contiune to read your blog and im really looking forward to reading it while my hub is on deployement. i love reading about the time you and your hub spend together and your pictures are awesome the moments you ccapture they are awesome. you are doing a great job keep but i will be reading i might get a lil behind some weeks but i will def be reading. i cant really describe what i want to about your blogs  the way i feel and the way i think when i read them i cant describe it its AWESOME.