Happy Thoughts:


MSAD 2011

Happy Mil Spouse Appreciation Day to all my loves! You're all so much stronger and more amazing than you know, you deserve to have this day dedicated to you, and to spend it being pampered. I know a lot of you won't because you have deployed husbands, and kiddos, and jobs, and there is always work to be done, but I hope you at least stop today, and take time to be proud of yourself for all that you have and will accomplish in this life. You're all truly amazing women, and I am blessed to know you! [:

I woke up this morning to a special email from my love, I didn't even know he knew that it was Mil Spouse Day, he never let on. I am also truly blessed to call him my husband, and I will never forget that. 

From My Love:

For the woman that watches my back both at home and afar
Her love always constant like the bright northern star
I love you in ways often not shown
Thinking it enough that our love is known
Fast pace in a hurry; panicking to provide
Rushing to do better for I am husband to my bride
You stand alone shouldering burden after burden keeping our house a home
It’s because of you that day after day I can walk proud out here on the roam
So for the heartbreaking silence and the cold swift goodbyes
I apologize with tears in my eyes
You are my friend my love and my life
You help me through the fiery trials you help me through the strife

I love you baby happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!


Thank You For Your Service!

One of my absolute favorite things about deployment is the care packages! I love sending him packages, it's so much fun to decorate them, and find different themes to base them on. For Easter I went all our on his package, well technically it wasn't just HIS package. I bought over 100 eggs and filled them with different candies, then i sat and wrote out little notes for each one. The notes said things like "Thank you for your service" and "God Bless our Navy". It took quite a while, but it was so worth it! Amazingly enough, the package actually arrived on Easter Sunday, and they got to pass around all the eggs and enjoy the candy. My hubby said tons of them said thank you and it was nice to even have a little something on the holiday. I was super excited, but I'm a dork like that!

Along with all the eggs, I managed to squeeze in a few things just for my love, like energy drinks a corny ping pong game, some of his favorite snacks, and of course confetti eggs! 

Lately I have been writing him a letter every night before I go to sleep, I just always like to make sure he has something going his way even when I don't have time to do a full blown care package. What have been some of your favorite packages you've sent out?