Happy Thoughts:


Any Ideas?

I got several volunteers for the new segment featuring military significant others, I'm super excited to get it started but I'm having trouble coming up with a catchy name, any ideas? I have made a button and banner for it already.

As you can see they are both blank... So I need help from my lovely readers. What should I call it? The only thing I can think of is Mili Mondays. It doesn't have to be on Monday though I haven't decided exactly what day I will feature it, it just needs to be catchy! Looking forward to your suggestions!

Will you participate?

I came across these poems this morning and I was inspired. I was hoping I could get my readers to participate in this with me. I want to start doing a segment here once a week, where I will feature a military significant other. He/She can post whatever they like, your favorite pictures, artwork, a poem, a story, a song that helps them through the rough times, even just some advice for others, or be creative and share them all! Will any of you participate? If you have something you'd like to share be the first one to participate! E-mail me at MrsGambizzle@yahoo.com. It will be a great way to share your blog, and your story with others. I will feature your blog along with whatever it is you want to share, so start emailing me I can't wait to share your goodies!


My darling husband
My dear brave sailor
We must stay strong
To keep us together

The days may be long
The nights become later
We must stay focused
To keep us together

The sea is calling
And sooner or later
We must pray
To keep us together

When you come home
It'll be better
We will embrace
Our lives now, together 

            Some people wonder why I do it
Why I wait for this man
It's because I'm proud of what he does
I love him because I can
This "toughest job" they speak of
I volunteered for it
I promised I would support him
He knows I'll never quit
Camouflage from head to toe
he's my hero through and through
Standing here so tall and proud
I love my soldier it's true
while he's gone
The days grow long
The nights are even longer
I tell myself everyday
the distance will make us stronger
It matters not how far he is
Nor how long he is gone
I'm waiting here with open arms
Whenever he comes home
but for now I patiently wait
I take it a day at a time
It's all worth it
To call that soldier mine


You can keep your Army khaki
You can have your Navy blue
I have the world's best fighting man
to introduce to you
His uniform is different
The best you've ever seen
The German call him "Devil Dog"
His real name is Marine
He was born in San Diego
The place where God forgot
The sand is eighteen inches deep
The sun is blazing hot
He gets up every morning
before the rising sun
He'll run a hundred miles or more
Before the day is done
He's deadly with a rifle

A bayonet made of steel
He took the warrior's calling card
He's mastered how to kill
and when he gets to heaven
St. Peter he will tell
One more Marine reporting sir
I've served my time in hell
So listen all you girls
To what I have to say
Go find yourself a Marine
To love you every day
He'll hug you and kiss you
He'll treat you like a queen
There is no better fighting man 
Than a United States Marine

Grown up Stuff

Yeah we're really grown up huh? We stole the 3D glasses from the theater then went out, consumes massive amounts of alcoholic beverages, and wore the glasses all night. haha, but for the first time in my life I feel like I have developed somewhat of a routine. I Wake up at 4:30, take the "kids" outside to pee, then I usually "conserve water" (as Nicole would  put it) lol and shower with the hubby. Then I make him breakfast, pack his lunch, and we say our goodbye before he's off for a long day at work. The first thing I catch myself doing after he leaves is to jump on the computer, and start my daily bloggy reading. I think I'm addicted seriously. Hubby has even dedicated "No blogging" times such as weekends when he's home, and at night when he gets off work. lol Is anyone else as addicted as I am? I really hope I'm not the only one! Things are really looking up though, I'm very excited I feel like we have more control over our lives. WE are still working on the "future plans" though. We can't seem to decide what we want. I want him to stay in the Navy, he wants to get out. We both want kids, just not now. We can't decide where we want to go if he does get out, stay here, go back to Texas, or start somewhere completely new? There is so much to decide on!

I stress over money a lot more than my husband does. I think it's because I don't work & if anything goes wrong, or if we ever come up short I feel guilty. I feel like it's my fault because I don't bring in a whole lot with just the jewelry. We like it this way though, we spend lots of time together being silly, the house is ALWAYS clean, he gets three home cooked meals a day (most of the time), and he never has to do anything when he gets home, he can just relax. My husband, up to this point has been the one to manage our money, but I feel like it's too much for him to deal with working all day & the stress of taking care of the financial stuff too. So we have begun to switch over so that I can take care of the bills and budgeting. So far I think I'm doing a good job, I've already managed to put money in our savings account, take care of all the bills, and still manage somehow to have plenty left over for the ENTIRE week of his family being here when they wanted to go out every single day.

I also started a list. It contains all the important stuff we need to take care of before the Big D. Stuff like getting me on the car insurance since I have FINALLY learned how to drive the Mini Cooper. I plan to move back to Texas while he is away I just feel like I would do better being around family. I am nervous about it though, I really like it here in VA. Have any of you ever done this before? How did it work out? I would greatly appreciate any advice!