Happy Thoughts:


A Care Peackage & a Special project (:

I have been INSANELY busy the last couple of days! I'm loving it, the days are flying by as I hoped they would. I just finished up the third care package which will go out sometime this week. I call it "You're My Super Hero" It's full of all my nerdy butt hubby's favorite things, comic book characters, action movies including teenage mutant ninja turtles, Super Man, Bat Man, and some Kung Fu movies. It also has energy drinks, some of his favorite candies like Nerds, and whoppers. He's getting some PJ's with all his favorite super heroes on them, two t-shirts with super man and batman, Gatorade, some pictures of us, and a few other goodies

The special project I am working on is a quilt for us to cuddle with when he gets home. It's all red white and blue, and once it's finished it will have some patches from his old uniforms, and other memorabilia (: