Happy Thoughts:


From the Hubby

Hello ladies! 
I wanted to share with you another one of the amazing works from my hubby that kept me going while he was away, it feels so good to be back here with him in our home living our lives once again until the Navy comes calling at least! Sorry I have been a little negligent of my blog since I got home but you all know how it goes! Anyway enjoy and share the love!

For mi wifey I love you honey :) 
Footsteps gentle and light go without notice and assassins persistence
Laughingly ignorant over-confidence pervades and falters vigilance
Distracted by a gentle and calming light thought to be at a distance

Then without warning a flash of blue and green metallic luster
Senses scrambled defenses failed not a chance to muster
Light footsteps grow loud now; A thunderous stampeding doom
And my defeat is ensured as is dusts' to a broom

And to the victor her spoils
A ring
A heart
And a groom
My final defeat and its to my queen a fair and just ruler she grants me dominion and made me her king!

I love you Marie thank you a thousand... million times over for the love that you've shown me and continue too for what reason I don not know? :P its a great mystery but one I am happy to leave unsolved :) MMMMMUUUUAAAAH