Happy Thoughts:


See You Later Baby

Today turned out to be not as bad as I thought it would be. Turns out hubby got to come back home for a couple hours and caught a ride with the neighbor to the ship, so he could leave his car here. So somehow getting to see him once more made it a little better. We spent our time holding each other and watching Avatar, which I won from Amber over at Goodnight Moon. I was very excited about that because I had never seen it, but it was AWESOME! So thanks again Amber! We laughed and talked while we watched it. We talked about how awesome it would be if we could build a huge tree house in one of the humongo trees in their forest. It wouls be like a mansion. I loved all the colors, and crazy flowers, and trees they had. It was a great movie, so glad we were able to see it together before he left. I also being the the pathological picture taker I am, took more pictures before he left. I want to thank you all again for all of your support today and every day. You guys are amazing and I appreciate all of your comments and support. It really means a lot to me, especially on days like this. 

That's Not Cool

First I just wanna say this is not directed at any of my followers! You guys are amazing!

Second, I'm pretty sure this is my first ever so called "rant" but this girl just REALLY pissed me off! First of all I'm kinda new to this whole Navy life stuff. Hell I have only known my husband for 10 months total. So yeah of course I am going to miss him like crazy when he leaves, we've had a long distance relationship pretty much the whole time we've been together. I just moved in with him three months ago. He's hardly been home since. I know it could always be worse, and I'm sure it will be at some point. I'm lucky that I get to see him when  I do, and that we have such a great relationship. I know that these times we are apart only make our love stronger, but...

What is wrong with missing my husband when he's gone???

I am so tired of all the negative remarks and comments I have received from other wives. We are supposed to be here to support each other, to help each other through the hard times, and to provide a shoulder or an ear when we need some support! We all go through the same issues when dealing with this military lifestyle. They all have under ways, workups, deployments. That's just how it is. Regardless of how long my husband is gone, I still miss him the same. Why is it that just because he's not gone as long as someone else's husband this time, I have to get shit for it?!?! Makes no sense, all I know is I will be more careful when choosing who I am friends with in the military from now on, because I am not going to have someone who I hardly know, who's SUPPOSED to be a "friend" treat me badly. That's not what I need nor what ANY military spouse needs in a time like this. This has not been a good start to what was inevitably going to be a bad day anyway. I'm over it though, sorry but I had to let it out! Going to take a nap now hopefully things will be better when I wake up.

and off he goes...

This weekend was absolutely amazing and romantic I spent the last three days cradled in my husband's arms dreading one thing... Monday morning, which has come. It seems like he just got home, which he kinda did. He's only been home three weeks and already he's off again. It's different this time though, he's going out on the ship this time. It's a very scary thought to me. No hearing his voice before I go to sleep. No good morning text messages. Just emails when he gets time... this is not going to be fun! I promised I was going to be strong though and be strong I shall!! I just keep telling myself not to think about what he's doing out there, not to think about him being on that big scary ship. Just imagine he's still on land and I'll be okay, I think... Well I managed to get some great pictures of us before he left so that is helping out just being able to see his smiling face.

and the winner is....

Okay girls I'm so sorry wasn't able to post yesterday, my hubby just left for his first time actually on the ship so you all know how that goes... ANYWAY! The winner of my Gambizzle Jewels giveaway is Star Spangled Stockings!!!

She has an adorable blog, and the cutest little love story she entered for my contest! Go check her out! & here's a link directly to the story she submitted for my giveaway...

So send me an e-mail with your address so I can send out your prize!