Happy Thoughts:


Thursday Five

Wanna play?

just post 5 things that have made you..






or all of the above..
My Five..

  • I'm grateful for my extremely sexy, romantic, supportive, wonderful in every way hubby
  • I'm Joyful because today is Thursday which means it's now the weekend for us
  • I'm gleeful because we have three wonderful days to spend together
  • I'm giddy for all the fun we are going to have being silly this weekend
  • I'm happy because I'm starting my journey with my other half, my best friend, my absolute soul mate! iLy daddycakes MUAH!

Those are my 5..

What are yours?

You Got a Friend in Me

Today I was awarded the Friendly Blogger Award which means a lot to me, I just moved here and I don't have many friends yet. I think it's important to have people to talk to especially in this lifestyle. I think it's hard to talk to people about who aren't in the military because they just don't get it sometimes, so you girls are important to me! 

Thank You so much Nicole for the award!! You're the sweetest!

The rules of the award are to post it to your blog, write five things you love to do, and then pass it on to five other friendly bloggers.

So here are five things I love doing...
  • Like Nicole I also love scrapbooking! I have a huge scrapbook my hubby and I put together since the day we met and it's overflowing. I too save every ticket stub, and little things to put into it, I really should start another one!
  • I really enjoy making jewelry, it's become a hobby, and an amazing stress reliever!
  • I have become almost addicted to my blog! I love writing now, and working on it I've learned a lot and it helps pass the time while he is away.
  • I love trying new things whether it be going to a new place, trying a new food, or just learning something new. I love NEW things in life!
  • Cooking is one of my favorite things to do! I love creating food, and I love to eat! I'm always trying new recipes out for the hubby, and love to invite people over just so I can cook lol
Here are my five friendliest bloggers other than Nicole of course, and like her I also think these are people I could be friends with in real life!

I've Got the Fever

The little girl in this picture is really not helping me out right now, but she's a doll!

Ever since I was a little girl all I have ever wanted was to be a mommy and a good wife. So now that I am the wife to a very good man, all I can seem to think about is being a mommy! lol We've only been married for a few months, and we promised we'd wait a while before having children.  My husband has expressed the same childhood dream of being a daddy, which makes it even harder to wait.

Regardless, I still can't get it off my mind, and my hubby knows this too. 
I'm sure we will end up waiting like we are supposed to but I just have to let it out, it's driving me crazy! I don't know if it's just all the children who have been around me lately or what because now that we are around so many military families it seems there are children everywhere & babysitting them is really not helping me at ALL!
Someone said to me "Don't ever wait if you want to have children, have them now, because all you're doing is wasting time you could be spending with them." I know we can care for a child & I think we would be great parents, I know when the time comes we WILL be great parents. It's all we have ever wanted, to raise a child, love him, and teach him to do right. We have so much love to give, I just am not sure on the other hand if I am ready to give up so much freedom. We enjoy being able to just pack up and go whenever we please. We enjoy being able to have a night out without question, or being able to have people over for get togethers and such without worrying about waking baby.

Then there is the other thought that runs through my mind of what if hubby isn't here when baby is born? He only has a couple more years left in the Navy at this point, the original plan was to wait til he got out, but that's not looking so great anymore. I know I could handle the fact that he won't be here for everything at first, but he's still concerned that I would become overwhelmed.

Several of you I'm sure have gone through this so what are your thoughts, and what helped you decide?