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Finished Products

So far have finished two of the custom designs from the giveaway and wanted to share them with you all in case anyone else is interested, we can work something out hehe

Here's the first place winner "My Life as a Sailor's Princess" check out her blog to see the full design!


and the first of the custom headers are finished and belongs to Kelsey at "Far From the Safe Harbor"

Far From Safe Harbor

"A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife"

Here's the last one for Jen @ Preparing to Surface the first ever completely hand drawn graphic hehe :) Hope you enjoy it Jen!


Gambizzle Jewels Giveaway

Since my complete makeover giveaway ended today I have decided to keep things rolling with another fabulous giveaway. Yep. That's right! More fabulous jewels! I love giveaways and I am slowly getting better at them, so for this giveaway I have come up with more chances for you to win, and even more ways to win! Awesome right? So I bet you are wondering what the prizes will be? I have chosen three this time around.

First Place 
This set "Tangled Up In Your Love" which includes a silver bracelet & 
earrings that match and have a little "Love" charm hanging down.

Second Place 
This adorable "Wish Upon A Star" necklace

Third Place 
"Hope You Come Home Soon" charm bracelet.


Buy Them!

First I would like to mention you can purchase any of my handmade items from my Etsy shop Gambizzle Jewels and you are always welcome to add me on FB I'm under Betty Gambizzle and all of my items are available there as well. I offer a 10% discount to all military! You can also email me for custom orders and Pet jewelry as well.

Win Them!

Now for the fun stuff! All the ways you can enter to win one of these awesome prizes! For this giveaway I have decided to go by the person who gets the most entries will win first prize, second prize, and so on. So you will have to do a little work but it will be worth it! 

  • First and MANDATORY you must follow me publicly in order to enter the contest!
  • For 5 entries purchase something from my Etsy shop or from my items on FB or email me!
    • For 2 entries "Like" Gambizzle Jewels on FB & leave a comment saying you were there
    • For 2 entries blog about my giveaway (2 entries for each blog post & must include a link to my blog) please leave a link to the post in your comment so I can find it easily post must be at least a paragraph (4 to 5 sentences)
    • Gain 3 entries for each follower you bring to my blog who leaves a comment saying you sent them the comment must be on this post to count I can't go searching for their comments everywhere when its time to choose the winner.
    • For 1 entry grab my cute button and add it to your page & make sure I know where to find it
    • Please leave your email in at least one comment it's much easier to reach you that way.
    •  YOU MUST LEAVE SEPARATE COMMENTS FOR EACH ENTRY (EX. if you buy something from the shop for 5 entries you must leave 5 comments)
    This giveaway will run until Saturday July 16, 2010 I will contact you via email so it's very important that you leave it in a comment if you don't respond in 48 hours then the person with the second most entries will be bumped up to first place.

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    and the WINNER IS....

    I am so excited about this giveaway and that I got so many entries! 
    I used this site to choose my winners. I will do another one soon since it turned out so well! 

    So here are the winners of my "Want a Blog Makeover?" giveaway...

    First of all the winner of the complete blog makeover which will include 
    a custom background, header, button, and signature is...

    Congratulations girl you deserve it! Now I also said I would choose three more people who I would desiagn a custom header for and those people are the following...

    & last but not least...

    You girls have 24hrs to email me so that I can have you answer a few questions about your designs and such!


    Congrats ladies!


    I know I was having a bad day yesterday but it got better. Once hubby got home I told him about my day he gave me great big hugs and kisses, and then we decided to just spend the evening together. We watched a movie I haven't seen in YEARS... The Fox and the Hound which I love it's so adorable.

    Then we ended our night with some boxing & bowling on the Wii, and with a nice little work out downstairs in the gym. This morning I have come across several things I want to share with all of my lovely readers, I can't say ladies anymore I now have a man follower! Check out his blog HERE he's pretty awesome! 

    Anyway the first thing I wanted to share with you all is this amazing blog I came across called "Joining Together" please, please go check it out if you have a chance. It's a blog dedicated to prayers for families who are going through hard times and such. I think it's such a wonderful idea and I'm so glad to see people out there dedicating their time to something like that, who couldn't use a little extra prayer?

    I also wanted to share with you a heartbreaking story I came across, and ask you to join me for a moment of silence today July 1st for baby Cohen who passed away at eleven days old from a congenital heart defect. His family needs your prayers today, for they are having his memorial service. You can read more on his story here at his motherrs blog "In This Wonderful Life" & here at "Send Love to Cohen"

    Do you know anyone else who needs a little prayer? If so leave a comment with their name and why they need prayer and I will be sure to pray for them.

    Please pray for "It's something Beautiful" she has been going through a lot and could really use it. She has a lot of stressful times coming so go check her out, let her know you're praying for her as well!

    The last thing I came across that I wanted to share is the Riggs Family, if you haven't been to their blog please go check it out, they are a wonderful family who adopt orphans from third world countries. They have a daughter names Abby who has leukemia & a life threatening infection. This amazing family has been nominated for an extreme home makeover and truly deserves it after all they have been through. Please go visit their blog "Where Laughter Lives" and answer a few questions as to why they deserve this makeover to be sure that they get it!

    Thank you so much for reading and helping out with what I have shared with you, it is important to me to be there for people in a time of need, just as I would hope they would do for me.