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Another Haircut?!

I know, I know I just cut it, but I got bored of it already so I grabbed the scissors again. I haven't had my hair short since I was little, and for good reason. When I was four I had REALLY long hair, but I was very tender headed. My mom used to sit and brush my hair and I would cry because I would get it so tangled. So she decided enough was enough and she had it cut VERY short, almost boy short. I was so upset. So ever since then I have hated short hair, but lately I've been seeing these super cute short hairstyles.

Anyway, I'm thinking I want it choppier (if that's even a word) than what I have, and I really want some highlights, but here's what I did last night. 

and here's the previous for all my new followers...

Trash to Treasure Tuesdays

I have decided to start my first little "segment" on my blog. I'm going to call it "Trash to Treasure Tuesdays". It's been inspired by all of the things I have seen people throw out, I love eclectic style. Finding things like this and making them my own, so everything in our house is a little bit personal. I grew up in a family who did not always have money to spend on buying new things. So I was taught from an early age how to make things last, or revamp and make new. My mom taught me a very important lesson in life I like to think, and it was that you don't have to have a lot of money to have nice things, just some creativity and imagination. Which I like to think I was blessed with both. So for the first trash to treasure I discovered this very awesome dining room table, and FOUR perfect chairs with not a single stain, scratch, or the smallest imperfection! They were sitting out next to our recycle bins.

As you can see the only thing that's wrong is it does not have a glass top... easy fix. Hubby and I got a peice of plywood from the hardware store, a plain white table cloth, fresh flowers, and...

An adorable, romantic dining set for the cost of carrying it upstairs and about $20.00 of supplies! Can you believe they just threw it in the trash?! I;m amazed by all the things people just throw out...

So much to say!

Oh what a weekend it was! It was amazing... we were one of the lucky ones who got a four day weekend so that explains why I haven't been blogging for a couple days! I missed you guys! Anyway Friday we were completely lazy and just hung out all day at home. Saturday we went to see The Last Airbender movie which was pretty awesome. When we got out of the movie hubby surprised me and took me shopping and I got some SUPER cute stuff just check it out...

Super cute dress, top, and jeans from Express

Then I got this ADORABLE bathing suit from Charlotte Russe

Enought of shopping though, Sunday turned out to be an even better day, we had a party at our house and made some delicious burgers. Between four girls and three guys we finished 6 pitchers of margaritas, and two cases of beer, we had a little too much fun the proof is in the pictures! We walked down to the beach later that night to watch the fireworks it was pretty amazing. 

 (Check out my adorable new bikini)

(My favorite girls)

(hehe I was trying so hard not to laugh at my friend)

(I had a little too much at this point)

(I was walking and trying to take pics at the dame time, but I think they look pretty cool)

Monday was the last day of our wonderful weekend, and we decided to pull another lazy day since we were pretty exhausted from all the excitement the night before. We took the dogs to the park, and I got to see an old highschool friend who happened to be in the city for the weekend, he's a marine and he lives a few hours away in North Carolina. He was one of my best friends in school and it was really great to see him. 

I also have another new haircut to share with you pictures will have to come later it's way too early for that now! Yes I know I just cut it a couple weeks ago but what can i say, I like change. It's SUPER short now well for me at least I haven't had it this short in I don't know how long.