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Mili Mondays: Oh I'll be the one to break my heart

It's been a whiiiiiile since my last Mili Mondays post, but hey I have been SUPER duper busy with deployment, business, blah blah blah right... well today's guest blogger has a GREAT post to share with you so I hope you enjoy it, and show her some love! 
"Oh I'll be the one to break my heart"
It sounds like I'm a Debbie Downer huh? I'll explain what I mean more in a second! But first, I would like to thank Mrs. Gambizzle for the opportunity to make myself a better and more wholesome blogger :) And I would also like to apologize to her for waiting on me for so LONG! Well anyway...I'm in the midst of planning my own wedding which is coming up on March 19th! AH! I have been fantastically busy with making arrangements for people to visit, to making invitations, creating my flower arrangements, etc. Planning a weddingESPECIALLY a Marine wedding is pretty difficult.
And this leads me to my next point.
The song I took my quote from is called "I feel it all" by Feist. I think many of you have heard of it, but not know it by it's name. It's a beautiful song! Anyway, it kind of describes the craziness of life right now.
My life is:
on hold
running a million miles an hour

I bet the last one has you confused huh? Well, the aforementioned things have to do with breaking my own heart. As many of you very well know, you can't set your heart on things with the military.
You can't.
It stinks. But, it's a part of a grander scheme of things that sometimes...well...I simply don't understand. When Mr. Z and I got engaged, we were shouting from rooftops squealing for joy! But After he left and after the feeling of happiness subsided because of the planning, we went from running around doing victory laps to running around like chickens with our heads cut off.
But this mostly has to do with my attitude.
Sometimes I feel like shaking my little fist at the Marine Corps for not giving me the date I want, for not giving Mr. Z and I a honeymoon, and for being a pain in the rear end when it comes to getting leave. BUT! That is breaking my OWN heart. I know this is what Mr. Z chose to do and I know this what I also signed up to do with him.

So thank you Marine Corps for allowing me the privilege of being part of silent ranks.
And thank you Marine Corps for reminding me that something I need to learn in life is patience, sacrifice, and love. 

In case you didn't get it, that was the joyful part.

"wild card inside"
You know the cool part though? I get an experience that not very many women get to live through. I get to fall in love with my one and only over and over again. It is a wild card :) You get to pick and choose the cool things about it. Maybe I won't be saying this later...but I am now. 

And that's all we can hope for right? :)
Well, wish me luck with the remainder of wedding planning! :) 
We'll see you on my graduation...err...wedding day! :D

Blessings!!!! ♥