Happy Thoughts:


The Final Product! YAY!

Okay all my lovely blog friends! I am so excited to present to you the finished project! I worked on this sucker all day! lol Once again thank you all SOOOO much for contributing your photos! I had so much fun making this for you guys, i can't wait to do another one! So enough of my rambling, here you go, hope you enjoy it & share it with everyone!

Picture Request

Okay so I've seen these cute little videos everywhere where of military couples, I really would like to make one with all of you in it! SO I was hoping I could get some of you to send me pictures of you and your husbands, boyfriends, fiancees, kids or whoever else I'm mostly looking for military themed photos. You know in uniform, or as they're leaving stuff like that... You can send photos to my e-mail at MrsGambizzle@yahoo.com 

I really hope you guys will participate I think it will be so much fun to combine all of my readers photos into one amazing video to show our love and support for our men! Tomorrow is military spouse appreciation day so I just thought this would be a fun way to celebrate all of our hard work! Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos in my in box!!! Going to try to have this finished sometime tomorrow!

Reasons to Love a Military Man

So I came across this idea somewhere a while ago and I don't remember where but I thought it was so cute! most were just silly reasons, but i still thought it was cute! So I hope some of you will participate with me! Just leave a comment with you ten reasons or post it to your blog. 

He looks sexy in his uniform

He's even SEXIER out of it

He's got the best haircut handsdown

Endurance... 'nuff said!

He can do his own laundry

He never complains about dinner

He almost never gets lost

He came trained to obey orders

Most of all he's my HERO!!

So can you come up with ten more reasons? 
Add your blog in the link below so more of our bloggy friends can add theirs too!