Happy Thoughts:


Snap Out of It!

   Today I finally got a call from the insurance company and was able to go get my belongings from my car at the tow yard, it was very dark when the accident happened, and I knew it was bad but when I saw my car today in the light I have to say my heart sank a little bit. There was more damage than I had realized. The driver side door doesn't open, and the entire front end is smashed in. I didn't realize how bad my car was damaged, and I almost cried again thinking how badly we could have been hurt. I can realize now it was just a car, and I'm lucky to be okay.

So I'm thanking God for all my blessings today,
including how thankful I am to have not been hurt. 


  1. Dang girl!!!!!! Thank goodness you and nobody else got hurt!!!!

  2. Thanks! I am okay I had a friend in the car with me who had a little bit of a back injury but she's okay. She's just doing physical therapy now.