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Have you met dug?

while there will always be a place in our heart for Mojo, we have added a new addition to our little family. There will neverbe a dog that can replace Mojo, he was one of a kind, but we need the puppy-ness in our lives again, we miss it dearly! So, I'd like you to meet dug. He is now 6 weeks old and as soon as I get back from Boston I will get to snatch him up and take him home! I can't wait to have a puppy around again! I have really missed it! I've been taking photos of him as  he grows, and a few of you may have seen some of them already, but I thought I'd share! My hubby has really enjoyed being able to see the photos since he is away, it lets him feel like he's still a part of it all. <3

His mommy's belly.

Feb. 17th, he was born.

One week old, next to his humongo brother.

two weeks.

three weeks.

 four weeks, he finally looked like a dog.

five weeks!

 and my mom sent me this one for six weeks since I'm not there!


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New layout!

I thought it was time for a new layout since I'm back in the mood to blog, hope you enjoy it! (:



It's coming to the time where I am starting to try and find a new house for when I move back. Problem is, I am still 1,700 miles away from where we are stationed so it's not turning out to be ab easy task. I may just be too picky, but I am so worried that I am going to get something I don't like and become very unhappy with if I am not there to at least see it before I sign the lease. 

I have debated flying there for a weekend to just go and look at various places, or renting a car to drive down while I'm in Boston. I'm so frustrated over it, even though I'm supposed to be on vacation, I feel like if I don't start worrying about it now, then at the least minute I'm going to be screwed.... How many of you have had to deal with this? What helped you make the final decision?