Happy Thoughts:



Last night was rough to say the least. JUST when I actually started to sleep, I had a pretty intense dream. I dreamt that I was walking along and I accidentally stepped into a muddy puddle and my feet slipped out from under me. I fell backwards but it was like there wasn't any ground under me and I just kept falling. Just when I was about to land I literally felt my arms jerk up to catch myself which abruptly woke me up. When I woke up tears started pouring out of my eyes, I couldn't control it. It was pretty scary to wake up like that in a completely dark, empty house, alone. 

Later I Googled it, and found that most often dreams about falling simply mean you are at an overwhelming point in your life. Which is definitely where I am right now. Between the car breaking down, being stranded for those two days, and the car rentals we spent a total of $1,230, then the death of our sweet little Mojo, moving, staying strong & keeping my head up so I wouldn't worry my sweet husband, and then deployment, I'd definitely say it's enough to overwhelm someone. It's a different kind of overwhelmed though, I'm just exhausted. I want to be home already so I can start to breathe again. There is so much going on right now I haven't even had a chance to miss him yet. All I can say is tomorrow cannot possibly come fast enough. I just have to finish packing up the last of our things, wait for them to inspect our apartment and I am out of here.