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Summer Swap

Okay finally I feel like I can write about my package. I participated in Nicole's Summer Essentials Swap & I felt so bad because I wasn't able to ship out my swap partner's package until last Friday which was a week late... I was having such a hard time getting to the post office cuz of my love's schedule. Anyway I got my package a while ago and it was packed with goodies. My partner was Lindsay from "Lindsay Writing" apparently her daughter is enjoying all the goodies I sent her, she's too cute. Here's what I got in my package...

I got this adorable little mini takeout kit

Lovely blue sunglasses

My favorite from the package this headband with anchors

Cupcake flavored mints & a heart shaped headphone holder

Adorable little make up kit which I almost got for her as well!

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 (From our Scrapbook)

I'm his Butterbuns, he's my Daddycakes. 

I'm tired of referring to my hubby as just hubby. At home we have tons of pet names for each other, but the ones we use most are Butterbuns & Daddycakes. So that's who he will be from now on. I wasn't going to blog about this until Friday on the actual day but I'm just so excited I couldn't wait. This Friday will be a very important day, it's one year ago on this day that I met my Daddycakes for the very first time. Who knew only four months later we would be married! I remember the first time I saw him he looked so good I remember everything about that night. A friend of his introduced us, we hit it off right away and ended up sitting up on a hill talking for hours. I have to say I was mesmerized with everything about him. I was in love by the time I left his side that night... or morning since it was close to 5a.m. when I finally started on my way home. We spent an absolutely memorable week together before I found myself driving with him to the airport. As I was leaving the airport I found a little sticker on the ground, and it couldn't have been more perfect, it said "I'm gonna marry that boy someday" two days later I knew it was true when he called me to me tell me he loved me.

(The first picture I have of us together along with the sticker from the airport.)

He is the one I waited my whole life for, he's the knight I dreamt of as a little girl, he's the one I will love forever I truly believe he's my soul mate & I'm so lucky to have found him so young so that I may enjoy so many years by his side. So I want to do something special for him this weekend since it's the last one we will spend together for a while. I will save all that goodness for the weekend though so I don't spoil all the fun!

 (Our refrigerator)