Happy Thoughts:


Hello Agaain!

Hello ladies! After almost three weeks, another ridiculous 27 hour drive, and many tears I'm finally home, well I'm back where I belong in the arms of my love! I feel like I have neglected you guys but I got pretty busy back in Texas! Some things have changed and I'm super excited to say I sold over $300 worth of jewelry while I was back in Texas  

GO ME!! 

We have added a new addition to our little family...

I'd like you to meet MOJO... he's the little guy in the middle. Yup he's adorable isn't he. He's a four month old Yorkshire Terrier. You can get your very own here... Happy Lil Pawz

Most of all I am just so happy to be back, I really missed this place... I of course took a walk down to the beach as soon as I got here, and also made a trip to the pool which just opened. I have to say it is very nice they offer food and drinks in a lil cafe, they have music, full time lifeguards, and even restrooms... I was quite surprised! Well I am off to work on more jewels, I am hoping to actually have that jewelry party soon!