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Woh Black Betty

So all my life, for as long as I can remember, people have always sang songs to me when I tell them my name. In Texas I always went by Marie, my middle name, but now I have been going by Betty lately. It's just easier when I meet people on face book to let them call me Betty, than trying to explain to them (and have them remember) that I go by Marie.

When I was younger, school teachers, and random people, along with my bosses when I started working would sing songs to me including Brooks & Dunn - My Maria (which I always found weird since my name is Marie) Then I had a boss who would ALWAYS sing this song called Marie Laveau which was really weird since my maiden name is Love. 

So, the point is we went out the other night to this bar called Hennessys, and we had an AWESOME time. 

Both the bands were amazing. The one downstairs was called "Spike the Punch" and he was goig around singing to several people there, when he got to me and I told him my name he started singing "Woh Black Betty..." I laughed so hard because it's not what people normally sing to me, but it was still funny to know that no matter where I go it happens!

It was great to be out and having a good time, it was the first time since my lover deployed that I felt I could really unwind and relax which I really needed. We had several drinks and stayed til the last train was about to leave and we had to make our way back home, & I promise, we were not as wasted as we look in this picture! 

Playing tourist

Today is my blogiversary, how exciting! Too bad I forgot because Nicole and I were out playing tourist and having an awesome time! We spent the entire day on a tour called the Freedom Trail, it goes all the way around Boston and is highlighted by a red line on the sidewalk.

Even though there is a red line leading you around, we still managed to get lost like 15 times lol there are parts where the line is hard to see, so technically it wasn't our fault. We saw some really amazing sites today, along with very historical ones. We Saw the USS constitution, and the USS Cassis Young. I was SOOOO ecstatic because since my love left, I've felt so lost without Navy all around me! Today it was everywhere. 

 (USS Constitution)


(USS Cassis Young)

After that we stopped for lunch, and then continued on our trail. We saw three graveyards with tons of famous historical people like Sam Adams, and James Hancock. I was really creeped out, but they were amazing to see. The stones were extremely old and fragile, most were from the 1700's. 

We saw a gorgeous view of Boston from the bridge, Old City Hall, some beautiful churches, and the holocaust Memorial.

I heard a lot about this place called Mike's so we made sure to take a detour from our little trail to have a pastry, and I'm glad we did. We shared am espresso canoli because it was huge. Totally worth it though, oh it was delicious!

By far my favorite thing we saw was the Dog Tag Garden. It brought up so many emotions at once. It's a "Garden" full of dog tags, there is supposed to be one there for every single person who's been lost in the war with Afghanistan. It was heartbreaking to see them altogether like that. I had to sit there for a minute to take it all in. 

I collect shot glasses, so I managed to pick up several today, a regular Boston one, one from Cheers the bar, and one from the constitution, along with an adorable "We Can  Do It!" Rosie t-shirt! This weekend we have plans to go to Maine and I can't wait! We're also gonna head to New Hampshire sometime Next week before I leave. So I'll get to add two more states to my list. After the long day we ended up walking 5 miles, so now we are lounging on the couch watching it snow outside. So excited for the rest of our adventures!

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