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Is It My birthday???

Nope not for another month, but I feel like its my birthday already! I got my package in from Nicole's "Summer Essentials Swap" but I'm not blogging about it yet, you'll learn why later. I also received my clutch from the giveaway I won which you can read about HERE from the Anchor's Away Etsy shop! OMG it's adorable I love it!

She even personalized it with a little tag, Thank you so much I love it! Check out her shop she has great stuff.

My hubby got home a few minutes ago and decided to go for a run, which I also have news about, but thats for a whole new post. So I took the opportunity to come read more blog updates, and to start on this tub of goodness which contains 3 quarts or Margaritas! Oh I'm in heaven right now!

What else has made today such a great day? I won another award! It's the "One Lovely Blog" award which I am very thankful for winning, of course I owe my thanks to lovely Nicole. I've worked very hard on my blog, and it's become an important part of my life because of all the friendships I have made through it.

TO accept it I have to list seven things about myself, and pass it on to nine more lovely blogs.

  1. I love Margaritas. They are my favorite alcoholic beverage :)
  2. I'm a neat freak seriously. 
  3. I also love not working like Nicole. for the same reasons as well. I love being home for my hubs at the end of a long day.
  4. I have come to love designing graphics so much I want to take classes or something and get more into it. 
  5. I've always wanted to go to California, and might soon get the chance.
  6. I don't watch TV, and don't have cable in my house.
  7. Express has become my favorite store, I wish I was there now. shopping.
As for my nine blogs, this gets harder and harder each time because I try to choose new ones to make sure I spread the love to everyone. I love all the blogs I read.

  1. Confessions of a Sailor's Wife
  2. The Adventures of Mr. Superman & Mrs. S
  3. Star Spangled Stockings
  4. Goodnight Moon
  5. Mannland5
  6. The Annoyed Army Wife
  7. Being a Better Wife 
  8. A'etonu Family Adventures
  9. Semper Gumby
I have gotten TONs of requests for "Mili Mondays" be sure to check it out and email me to be featured on it!
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The Brand New Edition of Thursday Five

Say hello to a brand new version of Thursday Five! When "Mannland 5" posted that she would no longer be hosting it I was sad. It's one of my favorite weekly posts! So I decided I had to continue it. If you don't have any clue what I'm talking about then I'll explain. All you have to do is list five things that have made you







Sometime this week, then you can come back here and link up using the linky tool at the bottom of this post that way everyone who joins in will be able to see each others lists. So what are your five?

Here are mine!

  1. I'm appreciative of the way my hubby kisses my eyelids before I fall asleep at night
  2. I'm giggly because I've never been so in love
  3. I'm joyful because I feel blessed
  4. I'm excited because I'm about to meet some bloggy friends!
  5. I'm happy because my life is finally coming together

Buttons Galore!

It's not even seven here yet but I've been up since 4:30 like usual, and I'm already working hard. On what you ask? BUTTONS! I had to create a button for the new "Mili Mondays" I will now be hosting every Monday, then I decided I didn't like my button so I made a new one of those too. I also saw yesterday that Mannland5 will no longer be hosting Thurday 5 which I absolutely love, so I've been working on a button for that too so I can continue to play, as well as any of you who would like to join me! So here they are

Here's what I've come up with as my Mili mondays button, feel free to take one and spread the word for me. It would be greatly appreciated!

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and this is my new button for the blog, feel free to grab this one as well!

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and finally here are the ones I have come up with for "Thursday Five" I will be hosting this every week from now on so I hope many of you will join in it with me!

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