Happy Thoughts:


From the Hubby

 ( Old picture from the barracks, he was modeling his new Express tie.)

Got the most amazing goodnight email from my Daddycakes tonight, damn I miss him.

Here you are my love hope to hear form you baby mu-ah! sweet dreams and here is a Lil something to soothe the heart ache of love apart! MUUUAAAH!

"A pointless game"

His busy body, busy mind
rampant and racing for something to fill his time
To occupy the space where his wife had filled his mind
For now they're only heart aches;
Reminders of what he left behind
And as one task is completed another takes it's place;
So that all his days are hurried; his mind at fevered pace
And his body needs be busy?!
So he pushes pulls and strains!
As if to rid his mind of her heavenly sweet name
And as he lay in bed weary from the day
He thinks himself a fool;
Playing a pointless game!
For all the while he toiled
His motivation was...
And is her name!
Teary eyed and quiet
A grin slowly grips his face
As he marvels at his revelation
"That it took a woman for this man to learn his place!"

Your never far from thought my Love
Know this
And know that you set you set my heart aflame!
                                            - your hubby


Mili Mondays: Welcome Home

I didn't have a writer for Mili Mondays this morning the schedule got confused, it was my fault. So instead I thought I'd write about the homecoming I I have been so busy helping out with. Yesterday was the official day & it was amazing to see so much support & watch the ship pull in with all the sailors lined up. It makes my tummy all queasy becuase I just think it's so amazing to watch.

I went with Brittney from A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife to welcome her husband home from his deployment. It was an awesome adventure. I'm kind of torn at the same time though because it was so hard to leave knowing that mine wasn't coming home yet. I know we only have a few more weeks but it's still so hard, because it just got me thinking about the back to back deployments we have coming up and how in our first two years of marriage we will already be going through our second one. I'm really missing him today, haven't really heard from him in a couple of days so it's starting to get rough. I took photos for Miss Brittney today it was great to see her so happy as I pointed to her husband and she went running toward him, jumped & gave him the biggest hug. I love seeing couples reunited and this one was really special because I had been helping her through the whole thing, from decorating and getting her house ready, all the way to the very end last minutes of waiting impatiently for them to open the gates and let us out on the pier. These are my favorite pictures from the homecoming, it was an amazing day & I'm so excited that he is home safely and they can finally start their lives together after such a long time of being apart.

Here's her adorable dress hanging just begging to be worn, she picked out such a cute dress, and I did her jewelry to match, she looked so pretty. I even did her manicure the night before. Then we sat down to finish up the decorations & talked until one in the morning.

When I got there in the morning she had already hung the sign and was ready to go, we are both still new to the area so we got a little mixed up getting to base, but it wasn't to bad.

We waited for around three hours before the ship finally started coming around the corner, everyone started screaming and I wasn't even waiting on anyone but I was so excited, how can you not be it's such an awesome experience.

This was my favorite part, I love seeing all the sailors lined up on the deck just waiting to get off, I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to be so excited to be home but not be allowed to move or wave at your loved ones.  We waited very impatiently for what Brittney kept saying felt like 10 years.

 Then finally they opened the gates and everyone went running to their sailor...

I am so happy for them, it's been a long time since they've been together. They will celebrate their one year anniversary in just two weeks. They spent their ENTIRE first year of marriage apart. I can't wait til I get to go and welcome my love home. Those few seconds when you first get to touch him, are the happiest times in the life of any military couple.