Happy Thoughts:


What a Headache

Today has not been the greatest day for me & I feel like doing what he's doing in the picture. Last night I had a dream about my hubby dying again. I don't want to get into it, but it wasn't pretty at all. I hate dreams like that, they don't come around often but he has had a couple oft hem too. They used to be more frequent when we first got married, but have lessened since we live together. I've looked in various dream books, which seem to say that I have some sort of insecurity with our relationship, and with the "Big D" coming closer and closer who wouldn't. I woke up with a huge headache this morning which nothing seems to be able to ease. So I've been struggling with that while trying to go about my daily laundry and such. Hubby has been asking me to fill out some paperwork for a few days and like the procrastinator that I am I have put it off until today of all days. I pulled it out of the drawer and took a closer look to find that it was an EDF which for those of you who aren't military affiliated is an Emergency Data Form which is all the info they need in case your spouse is killed or injured while they are deployed. So I sat down to fill it out and it just got to me, after the dream last night, so I decided today isn't the day for it. I instead decided to take the "kiddos" downstairs for some air, and to check the mail, and what do ya know... there was a form in the mail from the social security administration saying that my hubby is now eligible for social security if he were ot die this year!!! WTF is up with all of this...all I have to say is this is freaking me out.