Happy Thoughts:


You Warm My Soul

Hubby surprised me this morning by taking me down to the beach to the the sunrise. It was beautiful, my pictures don't even do it justice. The colors were amazing, reds, purples, and blues. I love that about him, he's always coming up with these little things to do for me. He doesn't ever forget that our relationship needs to still have those bits of romance. I couldn't be happier today, nothing in the world matters right now except for spending these precious few days we have together and making the most of them. It's days like this when the whole military lifestyle seems like its all worthwhile and I really think little things we do for each other are what keep a relationship or a marriage going strong, it's like the initial infatuation never wears off. I love that about us. I think the lifestyle does help with it though, we miss each other so much that when we are together we're crazy for each other. Nothing has changed since the day we met though. We've never had a real fight, I'm sure it will come someday. Sure we get into little disagreements but I really don't consider those anything they're over within five minutes and we' re back to laughing and being silly again. I never really thought I could have so much love for one person. It's the most amazing feeling ever & I thank God for bringing my husband into my life! I listen to a wide variety of music and this morning when we were out watching the sun come up
I was reminded of one of my favorite songs, "Desert Sunrise" by Brett Dennen this guy has the most wonderful voice, and his words are so soothing just like my hubby's poetry. I love his music the lyrics to this song are some of my favorite. It couldn't have been a better start to the weekend.iLy baby and thank you so much! You mean the world to me, and nothing is ever going to change that. What we have is special, and there's no way I will ever let it go.