Happy Thoughts:

From the Hubby

I wanted a place on my blog specifically for my husband. He's such a romantic, he's always writing these beautiful poems for me, and just about life in general. His words really mean a lot to me, they help me through many hard times, when he's away mostly. When I was younger I used to always tell my friends I wanted to marry a poet & My wish came true, my husband has the most amazing way with words, it's one of the first things that attracted me to him when we met.

"Love Bound"

Got to see, got to know how you are?
So close your eyes, let your heart travel far.
by super fast ship, or really quick car
by plane, or train, gain ground, love bound.
Oh Mr. Conductor, hear my pleas listen close
Use my heart pitter pat a thump thump thump
Take my arms, use my legs, chug a chug chug
Make this train travel faster
Wreck head on, a wonderful disaster
Two hearts racing faster a pitter that a thump thump thump
Two little trains, a chug a chug chug
Bump and rub, make love, hug it's over
til the wreckage renewed two hearts take flight a zoom a zoom zoom
kaboom smash kablouie take me there anytime anywhere
Hate this forever long wait, but oh how I love to anticipate
Oh what a state heart racing pitter to the mother "f-ing" pat
Can't live without that thump a thump thump.


together we make breakfast:
french toast with bacon on the side
almost next to naked
we have no shame only pride

together we are naked
pretty much all the time
making love creating love
together we're sublime

Together we go see movies
action and adventure
we even watch childrens
regardless of others censure

Together we take strolls
leisure and the like
virginia beach aquarium
where I asked you "be my wife?"

and apart we are but pieces of ourselves
but together we are whole
together we make sense
together we will grow old

and as the twilight dwindles
and our movements have grown slow
We will have each other
a fact I've never been happier to KNOW

"So Much More to Come"

Fingers woven seamless
Bound by more than touch
joy friendship and such
I could have never dreamed this

Dreamed of love so invasive and encompassing
To have it pervade my body
I feel as if I am not me
I sing now songs I could not sing

Dream now of futures i have not seen
Live as a man I have not been
And all the while it seems
There is so much more to come!


When our breath hangs low
Fog on the window just to show
Of the love we both grew to know
Late in the chill of the night

Quiver for a kiss
Mourning for this moment we will miss
Mourning for the ending of our tryst
Morning and we both yield to the light
Prevading the sane is the desire to fight
Fight for this loves presence
Fight for this room and all its contents

Contented to fore go today and look past tomorrow
Smile absent minded we forget and fore go this sorrow
Stay my love, stay give hope, show faith, and we will rise above!
Adversity is nothing for we have love, stay!

"Come Hurry"

Come hurry my love the park is yelling green
The swing set is screeching fun
And our hearts a flutter holding hands and wanting to run

Run stretching time and space
Suspending them both at our crazy pace
Many would be amazed; others understand and  smile
Staring at the reflection of their past or present love trial
Seeing their love once again young and bright
Feeling our warmth taking peace in our sight
We are good we are right we are in love
Through the greenest day or the darkest night


Fall in Love with me
We'll hold each other up
Learn to fly with me
Our wings will set us free

As you make love to me
Drown me in your passion
Melt with me
As we become each other's fantasy

Give yourself to me
Encompass me in your embrace
Next to you is where I belong
Where ever you are, is where I call home

-Mrs. Gambizzle


Their needs simple and small
Yet with special care they stand tall
they grow more firm more luscious
They respond thankfully to touches
to warmth to good light and pure water
And to the caretaker who does not falter
Fantastical beauty so soothing so right
Gracefully outreaching never straining for their light
Cared for, their color is  striking and vibrant
Their bouquet heady and strong
enchanting as a whole
HER beauty is song.
Inspiring ever more delicate care.
Joyous we grow this love we share.