Happy Thoughts:


From the Wifey

Nights are always the worst when he's away. I do fine all day especially now I have something to keep me busy. Then the sun goes down & I start trying to relax and get ready for bed and it seems no matter how tired I am, I just can't sleep. I love being in dreamland when he's away because I feel that while I'm dreaming of him, I'm the closest I can be to him. I seem to be able to sleep better in the living room rather than in our bed. So I've come to the conclusion that either I will be sleeping in the living room for the whole time he is gone, or I'm gonna have to get an extra hubby to stash in the bedroom to help me sleep at night. JUST KIDDING! maybe just a blow up doll or something?

I apologize for being pretty much non existent in this world lately, but I'm trying to learn how to juggle everything at once, and I know it will get even harder to juggle once he comes home. I really miss all my bloggy friends, and I promise even if I haven't been commenting, I've been reading a few of your posts and trying to keep up. I found a few of the poems I wrote for my love while we were dating, we used to have these little conversations, I guess is what you would call it, where he would write something for me, and I'd write something back in response and it would continue back and forth. It was amazing, now of course he's on the ship so he doesn't have as much time for that stuff. There are many more to come, but for now a couple of my favorites, they bring back such memories!


Fall in love with me
We'll hold each other up
Learn to fly with me
Our wings will set us free

As you make love to me 
Drown me in your passion
Melt with me
As we become each other's fantasy

Give yourself to me
Encompass me in your embrace
Without you I'm alone
With you is where I belong
Wherever you are is the place I will call home.


I may have an old soul
but you fuel the fire that keeps it alive
I may have skin that you can't help but touch
but you've got magic in your hands I can't get enough of
I may have eyelids you love to kiss,
and a smile that brings you bliss
but you've got WORDS that I find myself getting lost in
So much so I forget, you need words too
So I hope these words bring you peace
In knowing how much I love you at least
You are my world, my everything, my sky
I can't see me without you in my life

"My Second Heart"

Once upon a time you gave me a red tulip
So I kissed you passionately with my two lips

That's when I knew you were an angel in disguise
Though I couldn't see your wings with my two eyes

When you told me the tulip was the symbol of perfect love
I knew you were the fairytale prince I had been dreaming of
Later that night my heart did these little zips
The first time you placed your two hands upon my two hips

The next day I was wondering why God gave us two of all these parts
and then gave us only one heart...

Love is the meaning of life in which we search for our soul mate
To whom once found the rest of our life we dedicate
True happiness is found where we end, not where we start
When I found you I found my second heart