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Mili Mondays: Do You Re-enlist?

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To re-enlist or not to re-enlist
That is the question
Whether tis nobler in the mind
Ahem... *hastily grabs the inner theatre nerd and tosses it back into the closet*
Sorry about that. Theatre Major. It happens. But in all seriousness..

Re-enlisting. It is a choice nearly all military members and couples must face the possibility of at least once. You made it through boot camp, training, schools, deployments, separation, duty, pcsing, and a host of other things the military throws at you for four years (or in my husband's case, five). After all of this the big question arises.
Do you re-enlist?
The possibilities suddenly seem endless. Of course there is the obvious choice to re-enlist. Four more years of military life. More deployments, more nights in the field, possibly more school if you suddenly decide to change your MOS.
My husband is due to re-enlist (or not) in May 2011. Depending on the day you ask him that choice is always different.
"I am going to re-enlist and try and get into CID."
"I want to train FBI Agents in Quantico."
"I am going to work in security for the government."
"Maybe I will go to college."
"You don't like it, but what if I re-enlist and stay infantry? Or maybe stay for now and try for CID later?"
"Do you think I would be a good cop?"
"How do you feel about me joining the Air Force?"
Yes, all direct quotes care of my husband.
At this point Ryan's real goal is to apply to CID in February after being a CPL for a year and re-enlist to do that. I support it. Now if he deosn't get into the program we have some more thinking to do. Hence the other ideas. Our plan now, wait for February.
This talk was triggered again yesterday when I got a slight chip in my tooth enamel and tried to figure out how to enroll myself in dental... we've only been married five months so I put it off. On the website it says you cannot be enrolled unless your spouse has twelve months of service left.
"What do you mean!? I am re-enlisting, so why would that be a problem??"
"You are?"
"Yea... probably."
Full circle.  We have talked this topic to death. Ryan is kind of into the "perks", as he calls it. He loved military discounts, shopping on base at the PX or commissary, getting gas on base, insurance, BAH... yes it sounds great I know. But the downsides are huge too. The moving around, the long hours, and of course the dreaded D-words, deployments. One was hard. Not going to lie at all. You cannot sugar coat a deployment. They suck. Iraq is far away. It's dangerous. It goes on and on. Afghanistan would be even worse. That scares me.
Can I really accept the fact if Ryan re-enlists that we would move from an area we are really happy living in, a job I like, and that he would more than likely deploy again? Of course I can. I am a Marine Wife. That's my job. I married Ryan under the impression that he would be re-enlisting. It was only around June he started thinking of other things. He has always said if he re-enlists now, the next time it rolls around he'd be at nine years and at that point we should just go for the full twenty.
Only fifteen more years! Or maybe seven months. Or four months. Either way, I will know by May for sure. Hurry up and wait indeed.