Happy Thoughts:


You Put the Goodtimes into My Fun

Had a great weekend with the hubby, we had dinner with an awesome couple on Saturday then spent the day together on Sunday....

I dyed my hair :)

We went to see Clash of the Titans (which was awesome!)
then came home and hung out

 He made margaritas while I cooked dinner

Then we ate out on the balcony and he wrote me another poem :)

"Come Hurry"

Come hurry my love the park is yelling green
The swing set is screeching fun
And our hearts a flutter holding hands and wanting to run

Run stretching time and space
Suspending them both at our crazy pace
Many would be amazed; others understand and  smile
Staring at the reflection of their past or present love trial
Seeing their love once again young and bright
Feeling our warmth taking peace in our sight
We are good we are right we are in love
Through the greenest day or the darkest night

-Mr. Gambizzle