Happy Thoughts:


From the Hubby

To my wife, 
        It has come to my attention that after all these months of quiet dilemma, that the answer to my problem has been one that I have known for sometime, and a simple one at that! The problem being of me singularly trying to find a way to care for you, to provide for you, to teach you, to protect you as I believe any husband should.... well, any good husband should! And of course the simple and most beautiful answer being one of teamwork; of entrusting your care to you!
LOL  I would sooner argue with you rather than relinquish my illusion of control; my illusion that I can solve both our worries with sheer will and callous determination! And in so doing I only distanced myself from you... (Big cheesy smile darling) But you brought me back with your unrelenting love however prickly and finicky at times it may be... and I; We will not lose each other to the empty spaces infecting so many of the marriages I see that hobble onward trudging through their best years with ambiguity and indignation! We can be so much more... we are dreamers my Lovely and we can have our fairytale... red tulips and all.
    I know we can... I look inward every morning and see your face my Love ( smiling) and I know we can!! XOXOXOXO
I know a Lil cheesy baby but I want you to know that I love you! And through all your uncertainty and questions about where my heart lies and about how much I care honey I want you to know that!!! MUUUUAAAAH Sweeeeeettesst dreams baby XOXOXOXOXO  

He's the best ever, I'm one lucky lady.