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Thankful Thursdays


It's time for Thursday Five with MannLand5

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or all of the above!

I am thankful for a lot of things this week, except for being sick wish this cold or whatever it is would go AWAY! Ugh... anyway...

  • First thing I am thankful for this week is Banana Pancakes and our big weekend breakfasts. Hubby and I don't get to eat together much during the week so every weekend we do BIG breakfasts! Banana Pancakes, sausage, eggs all of it! YUMMO!
  • I am also very thankful because my hubby has been switched back to days! I am so excited this means we can actually do things together again, he was working nights which meant 3pm-3am no fun at all...
  • I am thankful for my two little dogs Flower & Tulip who think they are big & bad but never fail to make me feel safe when hubby is gone because they bark to warn me when they hear something.
  • I'm thankful for my hubby's mom who sends us antiboticos & other goodies when we are sick, like we both have been ever since hubby got home.
  • Lastly I  am thankful for all my bloggy friends who help to keep me occupied when I need to get my mind off hubby being gone so much, you guys are awesome!


  1. mmmm banana pancakes! send them my way!

    and thank YOU for keeping me occupied while my hybby is at work! LOL! :)

  2. Every weekend either banana pancakes or cinamon raisin french toast yumm :) & you're welcome! Even though we've never met actually, I'm always here!

  3. Thanks for following me!! I know follow you! Your babies are so CUTE :)

  4. Thank you :)& your blog is adorable!