Happy Thoughts:


His Words...

I absolutely love reading my husband's poetry, it brings me so much peace when he is away. I feel safe, and as if he is here with me. Some of these were written before we were together, but I still love reading them. His words are so amazing to me, and no matter what is going on in life, no matter how far away he is, or how horrible a day I'm having, his words are what keep me going. From the ever so thoughtful good morning text messages, down to the long written out poems. I always said I would love a poet, and I fell in love the moment he started talking, & even still when he speaks his words are so wonderfully put together I can't help but fall in love all over again, because he never skips taking the time to say beautiful things to me. I never understood before how love continues to grow, but it does. I fell in love with him the day we met, and our relationship has progressed very rapidly. I know though that he's the one I will spend the rest of my life with, because there is not a single thing about him I haven't learned to love. Even the things that drove me crazy in other relationships. I have learned to see the good in everything he does, that there is a reason to his crazy ways. He may not have been my best friend before, but he definitely is now. I know I can confide in him, I can trust him with anything I need, and he brings happiness to my life and most who come around, and most of all he supports me in EVERYTHING I do. I can't imagine life without him, or even what it was like before him. I know that sounds crazy but he's brought so much to my life, and taken all that was ever bad away. I will never be able to thank him enough, but since I know he will read this because he always does, iLy daddycakes, you are my everything, my world, and my sky, & I can't see me without you in my life. Thank you for everything you have given me. and for the rest of you reading this here is another of his poems I found that I really enjoyed...

"Teach Me"

Teach me care 
Teach me inspiration
Teach me self
Teach me admiration
for the matters of the heart 
Teach me proper how can i start
Teach me understanding
Teach me patience
Teach me hope commmanding
demanding I get a proper peace 
Teach not to take the whole but happy with just my piece
Teach me to walk
with arms open wide 
Teach me to talk
with eyes focused on meaning
Teach me happy with smile gleaming
Teach me alone without lonliness
Teach me laughing
With my God apitamy of comeliness

Teach the peace to come to us 
Teach me to be harmonious
Teach me how to sense
for I feel my body trapped in my own defense
Teach me teach
love the everything and the each 
Teach me beauty is a within not with out reach
Teach me not to walk these streets
but happy skip to the beats
the coming the going happy in the knowing
that though tragedy is a truth
and hurt will happen and harm will occur
and I can't avoid no matter how I juke jive swerve
That I am me such a lesson of sweet simplicity
so teacher if you could; please if you would just teach me

- Mr. Gambizzle


  1. That is so incredibly saaaaaweet!!!!! You should put all those in a book!

  2. Thanks! That's a good idea, I was actually just thinking about trying mo make something where I can put all of them, so now you've really got me thinking about it! Thanks for reading!

  3. Anonymous4/14/2010

    Oh god, mr. gambizzle needs to revise his poetry and make changes and corrections before his sweet angel of wife goes and does that... geeez that one needs alot of improvement

  4. Anonymous4/15/2010

    One quote that I was reminded of when reading this blog was that "It isn't about loving perfection, it is learning to love imperfection perfectly." I am happy for you two.

  5. Thanks I love that quote! I actually have it on my facebook as one of my favorites! Thank so much for reading!