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Mili Mondays: Wifey Drama

It's been a while since I've had a Mili Mondays post, you all know I was going through getting settled after deployment and all... and some other issues, but now I'm back! I'm so happy to be blogging again, I've really missed it. So even though it's a short post, I'd like you all to show Kate some love, and make her feel welcome! If you have any advice for her, you're welcome to comment and I will forward them to her!

First off, I want to thank Mrs. Gambizzle for having me write for her blog today. I am so happy to be a part of this!  Second, I am going to introduce myself. My name is Kate and I am engaged to a United States Sailor. I am in college and work part-time so my hands are pretty full! 

The one thing I wish that Military SO’s would learn to do is to keep the drama to a minimum. I have encountered a one of kind of drama, military wife drama. The Military SO drama is pretty much just the women talking bad about one another and creating unnecessary divides between themselves. Sure, not all of us will get along, but there is no need for the drama! I have met many women who create rumors about each other and try to create alliances. Is this needed?! We are all in similar situations and should just be there for one another instead of acting like petty 13 year olds. I hear about women creating lists to pass out to the new wives talking smack about the women they don’t like.  Other SO’s being left out of the “cool group”. Etc. So all of you out in bloggy land can ya do me a favor? If you see or hear about this happening, confront it in a calm way. I want to help stop this nonsense! 

Ya know, all of us Mili SO’s are in this together. Besides each other, we don’t have anyone else who gets what we are going through. So why alienate ourselves from the only people we can associate with? That is just silly. 

On less of a “lecturing” note, how great is it to have a sisterhood of women who can fully understand what you are going through? I can’t tell you the amount of nights that I have spent beyond frustrated and upset and one of my mili friends knew exactly what to say to make me laugh and get over the hump. I love my non-military friends dearly, but sometimes they just don’t understand what my life consists of now. I don’t know when I will see him again. I don’t know where I’ll be in a year. Not many others can say that.  

We’re all in this together. No matter where we are on this journey, we can all offer some comfort and love towards each other.  We need all the love we can get <3


Turd Floaters & Toad Chokers

Today it's raining all day, which in Texas would be called a turd floater, or a toad choker apparently... so Nicole and I are sitting on the couch again doing absolutely nothing, except trying to figure out what we wanna eat. We've also been googling slang & idioms used in our areas. I found some pretty funny ones from Texas so I thought I'd share them. I'm interested to hear ones from your area too, so if you have some strange words or sayings you use in your area, feel free to post them!

Now I haven't heard of all these, and I don't use some of them, as I'm sure some are from different parts of Texas, which is like half the united states since it's so huge, however I am guilty of the occasional "y'all", "chunk", and "uh huh". 

Do wut? this is the standard response if you weren't paying attention or didn't hear what the the person said. In other places you'd probably hear "excuse me" or "pardon me" or even "could you please repeat that?" Sometimes when we're confused it's, "Do wut now?"

Y'all: y'all, which is often heyyy yaaaaaallllllllll, it's our way of referring to at least one other person. In general if you are talking to more than a handful of people the correct southern and Texas address would be "all y'all". This is sometimes a bit confusing to people not from Texas, but just go with it...

Uh huh when you say "thank you" to someone in Texas, often you will hear the response "uh huh". This should be interpreted as "your welcome". It can also be a sign of agreement with the last statement made. 
Texas Girl

Jaw Jackin just talking to hear yourself or talking smack to someone. Jaw jacking is often combined with getting bowed up. 

Bowed up when someone is really angry and is taking on an aggressive body stance, they are said to be all bowed up.

"They're proud of that" being proud of something means that you place an unusually or unreasonably high value on some item that is really not worth near that amount.

Chunk If you are throwing something a short distance we say we are "chunking" it. Don't know why Texans don't say chucking it like the rest of the world.


Coke anything that is called soda or pop anywhere else is called Coke in Texas. For example, Coke can be Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper or almost anything else that fizzes and comes in a can or bottle. 

Fix'in this is the ultimate Texan slang. "Fix'in", which is NOT pronounced "fixing" is a way to indicate that at some yet to be determined time some action is going to be taken. An example of this would be "I'm fix'in to go to the store". It never indicates when, or if you will for certain do something.

tump to spill or knock something over, as in "I jes' tumped over mah beer"

Ma'am/Sir Many cannot understand WHY we add the "Sir" and "Ma'am". Simply put, in Texas, we take pride in being polite and showing respect, particularly towards our parents, those in authority, & the elderly. Country boys, who are gentlemen like to say "yes ma'am" to the ladies as well, its something we take pride in.